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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yes, I am still recovering from my week in San Antonio... (it was tough, ok?) so I'm dragging through my day at work. Thankfully I have a few things to keep me focused through the rest of the day.

1. I have meetings this afternoon-- I'll get to talk with people face to face, which usually makes it more difficult to fall asleep. :)
Now this may not make some people very excited, but I have been waiting for months for the rest of this season. Yes, don't judge, but I am a self-admitted GLEEK.

Maybe its because I was a dedicated Spring Singer at Harding for 3 years straight.
Maybe its because I was in choir since I was 10.
Maybe its because I was a dancer.
Maybe its because I love musicals.
Or maybe its because I have a new fascination with the Journey song "Don't Stop Believing."

But really, I think it's because deep down in my heart, I wish I was this girl.

With the "Loser" sign and all, I wish this was me. Don't get me wrong, I L.O.V.E my life, but COME. ON. Just think how awesome your life would be if you could just randomly bust on in song and dance when a tramatic or difficult situation arises..... ya, that's what I thought.

Plus, this girl has some serious sing-age abilities. I'm officially jealous!

So tonight around 8:28 ish, don't bother calling, texting, or yelling my name (Tyler) because I won't answer. I will be endulging in some GLEE!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello blog, have you missed me??

So I basically have been very busy for work lately... so my apologies to all my blogger friends out there!!!!!!!

Here's the DL with work--- my job is event planning. This past week was our Annual National Conference. Enough said.

We had 750 attendees, 5 days of conference, and a TON of hard work. It was definitely a success, but now I am deliriously tired and haven't seemed to find time to blog (much less, tie my shoes!!!)

BUT, today I made it a point to catch up on all my favorite blogs and I was DELIGHTED.... and SOOOO EXCITED to be honored with my very first blog award!!! YAY! (Is it kind of silly that I've really wanted one for a long time now??? Well, I have. So I'm THRILLED!!!)

Anyway, because of this award, I have a few things to talk about:

A. Thank the person who gave me the award.
THANKS JESSICA!!!! I seriously LOVE your blog. Between the Sonic drinks, your love of shopping, and your lack of shame when it comes to all things Harry Potter and Twilight, I feel like you are my twin!!! ha!

B. Name 10 things that make me happy.
1. Tyler.... duh!
2. My new bible study friends and their husbands! I love getting to see those girls every week and love when we all get together!
3. Dr. Pepper
4. SLEEP (which right now, I am seriously lacking)
5. James Morrison (especially in the summer, windows down, and his music blaring)
6. Big sunglasses--- if they're not covering at least 50% of my face, I don't want them! ha!
7. Getting to hang out with my besties! (which has become quite the special treat now that we are all grown ups!)
8. OPI's "Cajun Shrimp" in the summer
9. My gorgeous nieces and nephew that I don't get to see NEARLY as much as I would like! Oh I love them so much, I just can't even stand it!
10. A great hairday! You may consider this shallow, but I don't care!!! When I know my hair looks good, I feel on top of the world! :)

C. Last but not least, pass the award along and contact the winners!
Here are girls that seriously make me happy! Every day I get excited to see what they are writing about next.
1. Cortney--- This girl gave me my first job! After hiring me at JB Hunt, we ended up working together and became great, great friends. She definitely brings the inner OCD in me! ha! And she is one, fast chicka! She's a runner and a girl that never, EVER stops!
2. Whitney--- One of my bestest friends since we were kids. We even went through the aweful, ugly duckling phase together... thank goodness we turned out half-way normal looking!!! ha!! Her blog is hilarious. She is so blunt, so honest. Some people may not appreciate it, but I love her for it! (She's the girl that you take shopping with you to tell you if it looks terrible or not! :))
3. Whitney V--- My very bestest friend in the whole wide world. Best friends since birth, and now I get to watch her be an amazing mother!! Her daughter Eden is just stinkin adorable, and now she has #2 on the way!!
4. Ginger Snap--- I love her blog! Now, I like my share of clothes, but this girl puts me to shame! If shopping were a sport she would be Michael Phelps... she's that good. :) Plus, I just think she's hilarious! And I always get good ideas from her for work-appropriate clothing. (And did I mention she's a redhead??? That might have something to do with it too! ha!)

So congrats ladies! Can't wait to see what makes you happy!!!

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