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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

So I didn't get much blogging done recently, (there was a lot of family time this weekend) so here is a quick recap.

Thanksgiving lunch was spent with Tyler's family. I love going over to his uncle's house because they have so many people over and it's constant chaos with all the little ones! It's so fun and definitely a change of pace from our small little family. Anyway, no pics from lunch... but after that, Tyler and I headed to my house for Thanksgiving dinner. Now let me tell you, it was TOUGH making room for a big Thanksgiving lunch and dinner back to back. But I guess someone had to eat all that food. ;)

Here is B eating a sausage ball and playing... she is so silly!

We took some pics with Mom, B, and MK. They all had matching sweaters and mom definitely couldn't pass on that opportunity! ha!

Please notice B's face.... HAHAHA... Amy has to tell B, "No, use your PRETTY smile" hahaha

And this is the winner! So cute!

This is B..... she always makes me laugh!

I like this one, because it looks like she's snapping her fingers and saying "Heeeeyyy, how you doing?!?" haha

That night, all the couples went to see "Blindside" while Mimi and Papa watched the kiddos. And this is the result! haha

You have to watch these guys like a HAWK! There was also some sidewalk chalk on the walls too... hahaha

B riding the horsies! She had a blast at the square

Riding in the Cinderella carriage. (That's B's FAVORITE Disney princess, so she was pretty excited!)

All the families at the sqaure!

Saturday night, Tyler and I were able to watch all four of our babies. It was a handful, but so fun! Here is a pic of beautiful GK!!

We found time for one quick pic of me, MK, and GK! Ahhhh I'm in love!!! :)

Now tonight will be another eventful evening...... it is December 1st, so Tyler and I are getting our FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! It's going to be a real one, which is exciting, and I can't wait to put up all our ornaments!! YAY! I will be posting pics soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stitches, New Moon, Wedding, and Kareoke!

Whew! Busy busy busy weekend!!!

First of all let me start off my telling you about my little cooking "mis-hap." That may be an understatement.... just a little.

I was cooking dinner for one of our friends Lindsey. She came over Thursday night for some lasagna and The Office. But while using the food processor, I accidently cut my finger. And let me tell you, this was no little cut. This was a HUGE, MONSTROUS gash. It was gushing blood and I was FREAKING out! Thank goodness Tyler came down and was the calm, sane one. He was calming me down and trying to get me to chill!

Anyway, it didn't stop bleeding through the night so I went to the Dr and had to get 3 stitches.... sorry for the gruesome pic!

Now on to happier things!!!

Friday night I saw NEW MOON! And let me tell you, I was impressed! I was actually really looking forward to this movie, so I figured it would disappoint. But it didn't! I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see Whitney and my other friends Leslie and Caleb. Sorry no pics from the evening. I guess we were just too excited for the movie to focus taking pictures.

So then on Saturday, April, Lauren and I headed to Tulsa for Megan and Donny's wedding! We got there just in time to take a pic with the beautiful bride and Ashley!!! Doesn't Megsie look AMAZING!?!?

We definitely had a LOT of fun at the reception!! Here are some pics!

Bahahaha I love this pic :)

Out typical Spring Sing pic! A must :)

Getting ready to toss the bouquet! I think this pic is simply presh!

All the single ladies... holla!

Ash and her mom, I just love her. We all had so much fun dancing!

They are SOOOO happy! :)

Get down girl! Meg's sister doing her signature dance move, so funny!! haha

Dance time!

Say cheese!

Leaving the reception

So the wedding was a total success! And afterwords, since we were staying at the same hotel as the reception we decided to go to the restaurant in the hotel and sing a little KAREOKE! haha Now I have to be honest, I've never sang kareoke before... I just thought I would be way too nervous. Plus, we we got there, everyone who was there was AMAZING. Seriously I thought they were all there to try out for American Idol! I was a little intimidated. But I had to expect that being with all my girls would make me a little braver. So we all got up to the front and sang "Don't stop Believing" by Journey. We were totally wishing we were on Glee! ha! We even had some other Harding friends get up and dance while we sang so that helped too! Now I must say, not to brag or anything, but we totally KILLED it! haha! I mean, everyone else was being so serious with their singing. There were a lot of slower/country songs, so when we busted out the Journey, I think everyone there appreciated it! We even had a group of people pay the guy working there so we could sing again!!!! Can you believe that?!?! They said we were so much fun, they wanted to us to liven up the place! So we went back for round 2 and sang "It's my Life" by Bon Jovi. (The group that paid money said that was their favorite band) I think we all had so much fun and may have caught the "kareoke bug." It was such a blast!

And that brings us to today. I'm afraid it was not nearly as exciting. It has just involved a LOT of driving and being exhausted and catching up on the ol' blog! But the BEST part of today was getting to come home to the HUBBY! I have to say, 2 days apart is totally not a big deal, but it definitely let me miss him!! ha! So I was definitely glad to be back with him! HOME SWEET HOME!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Jacob... don't hate.

WARNING: This post may have a few Twilight spoilers! (For those of you who haven't read the books and actually care about the rest of the stories)

I know that 99.99% of Twilight fans are Edward fans through and through, so to hear someone who isn't can ruffle some feathers. Seriously, whenever I've told my friends that I was Team Jacob, I feared for my life. I'm telling ya, girls get MEAN when you semi-insult their fictitious-vampire-boy-toy. I just don't get that!

Maybe because I'm always someone to cheer on the underdog in a story, or because I just thought Edward was SOOO lame in the 2nd book, but I just had to cheer on Jacob! Even while reading the 2nd book, I knew Bella wouldn't pick him---let's get real, the whole point of the twilight books is that she gets with Edward in the end--- but I just thought Edward was waaaay to much of a pansy, especially if he's supposed to be a vampire?? Come on Ed, Man up a little.

Now, after the 2nd book I completely gave up on the whole "Team Ed/Jake" thing, because basically the game was over once Ed came back. But in lieu of the New Moon release, I figured this topic was appropriate...

So now, dear friends, am I really the only Jake fan? I figure other people are... I just haven't met any. So what team are you on???

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Runway, I heart you....

So tonight is the season finale of Project Runway *gasp* Tyler says he doesn't know what I'm going to do now that it will be over! ha! So here are my predictions...

The final three are Irina (boo!), Althea (meh), and Carol Hannah (yay!). Can you tell which one I like??

Irina is basically a fashion beeyotch, so I don't like her. Althea's ok, but still not the nicest. Carol Hannah is all things southern and sweet, so I'm a fan!

I mean, how adorable is she?? So stinkin cute!!!

So after tonight, I don't know what I'm going to do Thursday nights from 9-10! I guess I will have to find another show to obsess over! :)

On a side note, for those of you girls that don't have men that play video games, you may not realize that the Mecca of video games came out this week.... Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2. Tyler and I even went to the midnight release of the game Monday night.

Now, I really don't have a problem with it, because he really does have a lot of fun playing with friends, but this is basically what I've been looking at the past few days. *sigh* I'm sure I'll get my husband back in a few weeks.... :)

Also, tomorrow morning Tyler and I are headed to NWA! I'm sooo excited to see family, do a little shopping, and hanging out with friends! Much to post about later!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yes, Jesus Yoves Me!

This is WAY overdue, but I really don't have much going on right now so I thought I would share this with you. This is from the weekend GK was born. I stayed with Amy to help with B and MK. Here is B singing some songs! She is seriously the sweetest little girl, and definitely loves to watch herself on the videos! haha! Sorry they are sideways, I can't figure out how to rotate them.

Here she is singing "Jesus Loves Me", or as I like to say "Jesus Yoves Me" :)

And now, "If you're happy and you know it!" SO CUTE!

I hope this brightens your day, like it does mine! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday celebration with the besties, and a BIG purchase

So this weekend, some of my bestest friends from Harding all got back together Friday night to celebrate April's 23rd birthday. It was some much needed girl time! We all have gone in different directions now, so it was great to catch up with everyone and see how all the girls were doing!

So Friday I met April and Ashley for some SHOPPING!!! I have seriously cut back on my shopping since getting married (although Tyler may not think so! ha!) So it was sooo much fun to spend some time just walking around the mall! I ended up buying a dress for Megan's wedding! So cute!

Anyway, after some shopping, Megan, Ashley, April, and Lauren all came over to my apt to freshen up before dinner and see my place. Then we were off to meet everyone else at Cajun's Wharf! YUMMMY!! It's seriously one of my favorite places! It was so good!

Ashley and Rachel

Mallory and the Birthday girl!!! I'm sooo glad Mal was able to come!

Ashley putting on April's Birthday crown... I think we were all so excited about getting together that her birthday felt more like a bachelorette party! ha! We just wanted to make it super special for her!

My loves!

Me and Ape with her birthday cake I made!

And here is the cake that I made! I had talked about it in an earlier post but didn't want to show it, but here it is! Its says "Happy Birthday Princess April." I even put real jewels on it too! It really isn't anything special, I know. It even kind of looks like a first grader wrote it. :) But it was fun to make and actually tasted AMAZING! It was Funfetti, my personal fav. :)

We sat really close to the band that was playing during dinner, so we asked them to sing Happy Birthday to April! I think she was a little embarrassed, but it was well worth it!

I love this pic!! Mal is singing to Ape. haha!

Seriously, SUCH a cute pic!

Ape enjoying the cake! She even gave a piece to the band and 2 other people who were celebrating their birthday in the restaurant too! Just sharing the love! :)

Me and the Birthday girl! So glad I got to see her!!!

Then yesterday, Tyler and I went to a gun show in LR. I had never been to one before but was kind of excited to see all the different types of guns. Tyler and I have talked about getting one for a LONG time, way before we got married. We decided that we wanted several, but knew that we should just start out with one. So Tyler has been researching for a while and figured out exactly what he wanted. We even found out a personal friend of ours actually carries the same gun. So Tyler was able to see it first hand and talk to the friend about it beforehand.

I know that to some people, the idea of having a gun freaks some people out, but we truly believe that if we train ourselves properly and are responsible gun owners, we will never have to actually use it... actually that is the whole goal. We truly hope that we never have to use it, but just knowing we do have that protection will help me sleep a little better.

Tyler doesn't quite understand why I get so jumpy, but I really do have the hardest time falling asleep at night. Every car door that shuts or voice I hear outside, I am convinced that someone is about to break in and kill us both. ha! I NEVER used to be so concerned with that sort of thing before, but as I've gotten older I guess you could say I've become more realistic. I realize that more than likely we will never be attacked by a crazed-axe murderer.... but better safe than sorry, right? So now I will be able to sleep well, knowing that we have protection if we ever needed it.

Don't worry, it isn't loaded. Tyler just wanted to show how big it was.

And here it is again. Not too big, but just what we needed.

Soooo... I am probably going back to Searcy this afternoon for a little more girl time! I will definitely have some more blogging to do after that, I'm sure! There are always fun things to talk about after spending time with friends!!! :)

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