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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stitches, New Moon, Wedding, and Kareoke!

Whew! Busy busy busy weekend!!!

First of all let me start off my telling you about my little cooking "mis-hap." That may be an understatement.... just a little.

I was cooking dinner for one of our friends Lindsey. She came over Thursday night for some lasagna and The Office. But while using the food processor, I accidently cut my finger. And let me tell you, this was no little cut. This was a HUGE, MONSTROUS gash. It was gushing blood and I was FREAKING out! Thank goodness Tyler came down and was the calm, sane one. He was calming me down and trying to get me to chill!

Anyway, it didn't stop bleeding through the night so I went to the Dr and had to get 3 stitches.... sorry for the gruesome pic!

Now on to happier things!!!

Friday night I saw NEW MOON! And let me tell you, I was impressed! I was actually really looking forward to this movie, so I figured it would disappoint. But it didn't! I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see Whitney and my other friends Leslie and Caleb. Sorry no pics from the evening. I guess we were just too excited for the movie to focus taking pictures.

So then on Saturday, April, Lauren and I headed to Tulsa for Megan and Donny's wedding! We got there just in time to take a pic with the beautiful bride and Ashley!!! Doesn't Megsie look AMAZING!?!?

We definitely had a LOT of fun at the reception!! Here are some pics!

Bahahaha I love this pic :)

Out typical Spring Sing pic! A must :)

Getting ready to toss the bouquet! I think this pic is simply presh!

All the single ladies... holla!

Ash and her mom, I just love her. We all had so much fun dancing!

They are SOOOO happy! :)

Get down girl! Meg's sister doing her signature dance move, so funny!! haha

Dance time!

Say cheese!

Leaving the reception

So the wedding was a total success! And afterwords, since we were staying at the same hotel as the reception we decided to go to the restaurant in the hotel and sing a little KAREOKE! haha Now I have to be honest, I've never sang kareoke before... I just thought I would be way too nervous. Plus, we we got there, everyone who was there was AMAZING. Seriously I thought they were all there to try out for American Idol! I was a little intimidated. But I had to expect that being with all my girls would make me a little braver. So we all got up to the front and sang "Don't stop Believing" by Journey. We were totally wishing we were on Glee! ha! We even had some other Harding friends get up and dance while we sang so that helped too! Now I must say, not to brag or anything, but we totally KILLED it! haha! I mean, everyone else was being so serious with their singing. There were a lot of slower/country songs, so when we busted out the Journey, I think everyone there appreciated it! We even had a group of people pay the guy working there so we could sing again!!!! Can you believe that?!?! They said we were so much fun, they wanted to us to liven up the place! So we went back for round 2 and sang "It's my Life" by Bon Jovi. (The group that paid money said that was their favorite band) I think we all had so much fun and may have caught the "kareoke bug." It was such a blast!

And that brings us to today. I'm afraid it was not nearly as exciting. It has just involved a LOT of driving and being exhausted and catching up on the ol' blog! But the BEST part of today was getting to come home to the HUBBY! I have to say, 2 days apart is totally not a big deal, but it definitely let me miss him!! ha! So I was definitely glad to be back with him! HOME SWEET HOME!!

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