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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Jacob... don't hate.

WARNING: This post may have a few Twilight spoilers! (For those of you who haven't read the books and actually care about the rest of the stories)

I know that 99.99% of Twilight fans are Edward fans through and through, so to hear someone who isn't can ruffle some feathers. Seriously, whenever I've told my friends that I was Team Jacob, I feared for my life. I'm telling ya, girls get MEAN when you semi-insult their fictitious-vampire-boy-toy. I just don't get that!

Maybe because I'm always someone to cheer on the underdog in a story, or because I just thought Edward was SOOO lame in the 2nd book, but I just had to cheer on Jacob! Even while reading the 2nd book, I knew Bella wouldn't pick him---let's get real, the whole point of the twilight books is that she gets with Edward in the end--- but I just thought Edward was waaaay to much of a pansy, especially if he's supposed to be a vampire?? Come on Ed, Man up a little.

Now, after the 2nd book I completely gave up on the whole "Team Ed/Jake" thing, because basically the game was over once Ed came back. But in lieu of the New Moon release, I figured this topic was appropriate...

So now, dear friends, am I really the only Jake fan? I figure other people are... I just haven't met any. So what team are you on???


~aj~ said...

You are my SOUL SISTER!!! :)

I have and always will be Team Jacob. I don't dislike Edward...and probably even prefer him for Bella because if I'm being honest, Bella drives me CRAZY and she doesn't deserve Jacob. lol (That's how I always justify my favorites not getting picked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette finale as well.)

I just adore Jacob though. Absolutely 100% adore. I'm Team Jacob all the way. Now why aren't you coming to see the movie with us tomorrow night???

Amy said...

I too loved Jacob...until the last book. Then he seemed so immature and might I add that the imprint thing weirded me out. I guess I'm just drawn to those dashing mysterious men...just look at who I'm married to! :)

aWare said...

I agree with Amy, the imprint thing was not my favorite for the last book. I was team Jacob until then. Speaking of the last book...dark dark dark...not for the wimps. I could see why you are team Jacob, he is just a good ole' boy and so stinkin' sweet! I trust him more, that is for sure!

Whitney Killebrew said...

I love Jacob. I mean seriously love him, but I agree with Aj that I think Bella and Edward deserve eachother. I didn't think Bella was ever good enough for Jacob.

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