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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

So I didn't get much blogging done recently, (there was a lot of family time this weekend) so here is a quick recap.

Thanksgiving lunch was spent with Tyler's family. I love going over to his uncle's house because they have so many people over and it's constant chaos with all the little ones! It's so fun and definitely a change of pace from our small little family. Anyway, no pics from lunch... but after that, Tyler and I headed to my house for Thanksgiving dinner. Now let me tell you, it was TOUGH making room for a big Thanksgiving lunch and dinner back to back. But I guess someone had to eat all that food. ;)

Here is B eating a sausage ball and playing... she is so silly!

We took some pics with Mom, B, and MK. They all had matching sweaters and mom definitely couldn't pass on that opportunity! ha!

Please notice B's face.... HAHAHA... Amy has to tell B, "No, use your PRETTY smile" hahaha

And this is the winner! So cute!

This is B..... she always makes me laugh!

I like this one, because it looks like she's snapping her fingers and saying "Heeeeyyy, how you doing?!?" haha

That night, all the couples went to see "Blindside" while Mimi and Papa watched the kiddos. And this is the result! haha

You have to watch these guys like a HAWK! There was also some sidewalk chalk on the walls too... hahaha

B riding the horsies! She had a blast at the square

Riding in the Cinderella carriage. (That's B's FAVORITE Disney princess, so she was pretty excited!)

All the families at the sqaure!

Saturday night, Tyler and I were able to watch all four of our babies. It was a handful, but so fun! Here is a pic of beautiful GK!!

We found time for one quick pic of me, MK, and GK! Ahhhh I'm in love!!! :)

Now tonight will be another eventful evening...... it is December 1st, so Tyler and I are getting our FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! It's going to be a real one, which is exciting, and I can't wait to put up all our ornaments!! YAY! I will be posting pics soon!


Lindsey said...

LOVE the pics, so darn cute!!!

aWare said...

that is great you got so much one on one time with the girls, love the princess carriage...too fun for B! Thanks for helping watch gk and harry sat night....i know it was chaos!

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