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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love the smell of pine!

Sooooo, yesterday Tyler and I bought our first Christmas tree! I was definitely excited! We went down the street and purchased the cheapest tree we could find. ha! Who knew that they could be sooooo expensive!

So this little sad tree was just perfect for us. It's a little crooked and has some holes, but I still like it--- almost a little Dr. Suess-ish if you ask me?

And here are some cute decorations for our table. My mom takes care of me ;)

And here is the finished product! I had so much fun with all the ornaments and decorations. Seriously, I was running around for 3 hours straight trying to get it all done, because I couldn't wait to see the finished product!

A special thanks goes to Tyler's mom. She took me to Hobby Lobby and let me pick ornaments to my heart's content, how wonderful is that?!?! So I got to pick all the bright, glittery decorations I could handle!

I decided to go with the fun/bright colors for our tree, not very traditional, but very festive! Then we added some of mine and Tyler's favorite childhood ornaments, just for fun. :) Throughout the next few weeks I'll showcase some of our awesome ornaments... I mean, teddy bear and high chair ornaments galore. So get excited!


Whitney said...

I'm loving the tree! It looks so good! That's so sweet of Tyler's mom to do that. You have really good taste on your ornaments by the way. Loving those colors! Your mom's decorations are cute too. I agree with you, mom's are the best

aWare said...

LOVE the festive bright colors! The more glitter the better! Looks great, and yes Dr. Seuss...too cute!

cortney mae said...

noblin & everyone told me that if I did it in 4:45 he would buy me the northface jacket that I want... DUDE do you know what that means.. I am even more nervous now!! oh GEEZ the presure!

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