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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Broccoli Cheddar Soup for the Soul

Today I had plans to hang out with my SIL, Rachel. I woke up feeling not so great and barely able to speak more than a whisper, so I called her up and gave her the bad news. But being the sweet person she is, she came on over anyway, with broccoli cheddar soup and cornbread in hand. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love soup and cornbread????) This was AMAZING and I am soooo thankful!

I know she didn't want to impose while I wasn't feeling well, but it really was SO great to have someone come over for a while. I slept all morning and by the time she got here at 12:30 (yes 12:30!) I was ready to be up for a while. I know all of you hate me for telling you that! :)

Anyway, she was over working on some Christmas gifts for her friends, and we were just hanging out, eating, and working on some ideas for her wedding invitiations... hark, layout design?? *my favorite thing ever*

My mom kept calling me to check up and see how I was feeling, saying that if she weren't 3 hours away she would totally bring me soup and medicine. But I told her, Have no fear, Rachel is taking great care of me today. So I just wanted to brag a little on my wonderful SIL.... I'm sooo thankful for her!

Love you Rachel


~aj~ said...

How sweet is she?!

I'm telling ya, good friends and family CANNOT be beat. You are blessed! (Now feel better soon!)

Whitney said...

What a great SIL. Hopefully soup and cornbread will get you better fast. Isn't family the best!

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