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Friday, October 30, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me... does this REALLY ever happen?!?

Last night was definitely a test of self control for myself. At about 1:30 am, a truck parked in front of our apartment decided that its alarm should go off for no reason. And not just go off for a bit and quit, OH NO, we are talking 8 LOOOOONG hours of car alarmage, from 1:30 am to 8 am....

You might be asking yourself 'Hannah, what's the big deal? Can't you just drown it out after a while?' Well dear blogger friends, I have decided to include a short little video so you could understand what I was going through. Even though it was the middle of the night and I was sleep deprived and delusional, I was still thinking about you guys and your need to fully experience this car alarm. So here is a little snipit for your entertainment....

And the best part of this? This clip was only 35 seconds long! ha! You should try 8 hours!

Seriously though, there was no way for me to drown it out! One of the interesting things that I learned this AM is that we do not have a single place in our apt that is NOT connected with our outside wall. All of our windows face the parking lot, so there was just no chance for me...

Now my husband is another story. We were both up for probably about 1 hour, then I realized that Tyler had deserted me and returned to Dreamland, a place that I desperately wished to revisit. Instead I made my way downstairs, ate some cereal, and watched whatever show I could find that wasn't Paid Programming.

I noticed the alarm was slowing and getting a little weaker-- the battery was dying!

I dose a little here and there, but at 5:30 am, I had had enough. I called the police (non-emergency number of course) and politely told them that I was about 3 minutes from smashing a crow bar through the windshield of the truck. I had even called our management, but NO ONE DID ANYTHING!

Finally, at about 8 am I realized the only alarm left was a faint little chirp here and there and I was fully able to go to sleep! So I finally made my way back upstairs for a few more hours of shut-eye!

Seriously though, if this happens again, I have devised my plan. I will simply get up, calmly walk downstairs, grab a pair of scissors, then go out to the truck and cut the cords to the battery. ALL of the them. I'm not sure if all would be necessary, but I figure it sends a pretty clear message to whoever owns the vehicle that they need to WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING!!!!

I mean, I'm not sure if they just never heard it (which I find impossible) or if the person who owned the car wasn't actually there to do anything about it. But regardless, why would anyone have a car alarm that didn't shut off after 5, 10, 30, heck even 60 minutes! I mean REALLY! REALLY!!!! The never ending car alarm is man's worst invention and some one should be shot for making it....

Can you tell I'm a little perturbed?


Last night I went with Rachel (Tyler's sis), two of her best friends and Jo Anne (MIL). We went to Brinkley to Low's to look for her perfect wedding dress! And I am proud to say it was a SUCCESS!!!!! We had our doubts that we would find it as our appointment came to an end, but just when we were ready to pack it up, SHE FOUND IT!

She looks absolutely GORGEOUS! And I can't wait for her bid day in May! ha!

Sorry no pics, but I think we all know why. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Blog... I'm back!

I know, I know... I have REALLY been slacking! I think ever since I went home for GK's birth, I just got out of practice! No excuses though... I am getting back in the blogging saddle!

So I am doing the LONGEST blog ever!!! I'm recapping from the weekend at home to now, so get ready. :)

Although there was so much that happened the weekend at home, most of my pics are on my parent's camera, so I will add those pics later (the Corn Maze, Georgia Kelley)

The whole time I was home, I was able to spend almost ALL of my time with my family, which was simply AMAZING! I was able to spend sooo much time with Harry, B, and MK before GK was born! (For those of you that need a translation for my abbreviations, here we go: B= Brooklyn, MK=Mallory Kate, GK= Georgia Kelley) All of these girls are my beautiful nieces.

Anyway, one afternoon I was able to spend with Harry. We basically hung out at his house and did whatever he wanted! It was so fun! The first thing he did was give me a tour of his house-- his room, his toys, his kitchen, and GK's room, toys, and clothes. Then we went outside and played with messy playdo, he rode his bike and drove his Hummer for me! I was so impressed! He seriously looks like a 5 year old when he rides his bike like a pro!

Say Cheese!!! ha!

On the Hummer

Riding his bike... doesn't he look soooo old!?!

Seriously, the messiest playdo I've ever played with! No wonder Amanda insisted we do it outside! haha!

This past Friday, Rachel (Tyler's sister) and I went over to her Aunt Jill's house. Jill has been decorating cakes for years and we thought it would be so fun to try it out! I LOVE watching Ace of Cakes and would like to think that I could be that good! :)

Rachel decided to make a pumpkin cake. I decided to make a special cake for one of my closest friends... but that will be revealed later! ;) No worries though... its in the freezer, so it will still be good! haha!

Icing the cake

Rachel's didn't look so good at first! We had our doubts but it turned out GREAT!!!!

Letting our cakes dry for a bit... and this is the last shot you will see of my cake-- the rest is a surprise. :)

Didn't her cake turn out SOOOO cute?!??!?! I was sooo impressed!

Later that night I went back to Harding for one last Hell Night. haha I know it might be a little sad, but Ashley (far left) asked me to come back for the night. For those of you non-Harding goers, Hell Night is the last night of Pledge Week and is usually the toughest night of the week (hence the name). Now don't get me wrong, it really is pretty tame, but the pledges have gone through a week of sleepless nights and TONS of stress so they basically thinks is the worst night of their life. Two years ago I was in charge of Pledge Week for my club Ju Go Ju, so Ash thought I should come back up just to see old friends and help out with the night. I mostly sat to the side, but it was still sooooo great to see my Ju Go Ju friends!

Then on Saturday, Tyler and I went to our friend Erin's wedding. Isn't she sooo beautiful!??! This is a pic of all my church besties that I have grown up with. We have been through EVERYTHING together-- from braces, glasses, acne, bad hair, and just being all around unfortunate looking. haha! So I was so glad we were all able to spend some time together.

Sunday night, Tyler and I went to CityFest in LR. They had lots of Christian bands and speakers, but we went to see Newsboys! So oldschool I know. I do like most of their songs, so it was fun to see them. The lead singer used to be in DC Talk so they played some of my favs from that band as well! I'm telling you, when "Jesus Freak" came on, Tyler got excited! haha! He knows every word... he even rapped better than the singer! :)

SO this is a quick recap to what has been going on lately. I PROMISE i will do a better job! I've still been reading all of my favorite blogs, but I just couldn't get in the mood to dish on my life. But I have some exciting things coming up so I will have some great posts!!!

Here are the things I am looking forward to:
-Going wedding dress shopping with Rachel TOMORROW! I MAY have some pics, but I'll have to check with her before posting
-Harding's Homecoming this weekend! It will be a HUG 06 reunion!!! YAY! LOTS of pics from that for sure!
-Girl's Bible study next Monday night. I just started to going to one of my closest HUG friend Erin's bible study and I REALLY enjoyed it! So I will be posting after that....
-Next weekend is BESTIES FESTIVITIES!!! My Bestest friends EVER are all coming back to Searcy for one weekend together! PLUS it is April's birthday so we will be celebrating that as well!
-The next weekend Tyler and I will be going HOME for some family pics! I am definitely excited for pictures, but REALLY excited to spend time with GK! I really didn't get to hold her when she was first born bc I had a cough and wanted to be extra careful.
-Then the NEXT weekend is Megan's wedding! Megan is one of my closest Harding friends, my Ju Go Ju sister, and my lifelong dance partner ;) So I will again be seeing some of my best friends for a weekend of wedding festivities!

So all this is a LOT but I would not have it any other way! So much time spend with the people I love most!!! STAY TUNED!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If you're happy and you know it..... march???

Ok so I made it to nwa and I have had a blast already with Brooklyn and Mallory Kate and Amy. Tonight we went to a friend's house (Pat) so she could help make the girls' halloween costumes. Amy had seen the cutest little costume that 100$!!! So she decided to get crafty and make them herself. With the help of Pat we were able to make the outfits for about 30$ total! Craziness!!

I was helping by taking care of MK. I had never worn one of these little devices but they are sooo cool! I will definitely be sporting one of these when my time comes.

B was watching Aladin on Disney... so she was quite entertained the whole night.

Amy and Pat working hard!

Mom came and loved spending time with the girls! B definitely knows how to cheese it up! :)

B was soooo excited about her outfit! Sorry everyone, no pics of the costumes yet. I don't want to spoil Amy's fun for her own blog!

Soooooo after all the fun festivities for the night, we made our way back to Amy's house. B definitely got in a cheesy mood because she was ALL ABOUT singing us songs and watching the videos I took! She kept me laughing all night!

Well as I'm typing this I'm having some issues with the video part. I will post those tomorrow for sure though!

Tomorrow will also be full of fun! I am taking B and Harry for some Hanny time. I know Amanda is having trouble keeping up with Harry right now (heck, I have trouble keeping up and I'm not over 9 months pregnant!) So I am going to try and keep them busy and wear them out for their mommas!! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

*There's no place like home, there's no place like home*

This is exactly how I have been feeling lately! Last night, Tyler and I were laying in bed right before falling asleep, having our little chat time. (This has become very typical, every night we talk about random stuff in our lives right before we go to bed. And this has quickly become my favorite part of the day!) Anyway back to last night.... I was feeling kind of down and randomly started to BOO HOO like a pre-pubescent 12 year old girl. Seriously, I felt the butterfly clips and overalls coming back! haha!

I realized (after overcoming my sobs and with the help of my sweet sweet husband desperately trying to fix my sadness) that I was homesick! I have been in LR for a few weeks and have managed to keep myself very busy during the day. I clean, I shop, I craft, I cook. But I am not really around PEOPLE! Especially a lot of the people that I love most in this world! Granted, I have LOVED having so much time with Tyler. For those of you who know us, you know that this has been a long time coming :)

But nonetheless, I was lonely and bored and quite simply, just feeling sorry for myself. So after I stopped crying, I became extremely excited for this week! Amanda's due date is today, so we were all hoping for little GK sometime soon.... like... TODAY! But alas, as Amanda has put it Miss GK was having a bit of a "diva moment" and decided to make us all wait! ;) So we won't have her until Friday. And that is totally fine, except for the fact that she was my excuse to head back up to NWA! So today we got the news of her belated delivery and I have to be honest-- I was totally bummed out!!! I mean, I thought for SURE she would be on her way today and I would be driving 104 mph on I-540 trying to make the delivery in time! ha!

So tonight, Amy (my other SIL) asked if I was still going to come early this week anyway. (I had made plans to stay with her and help with the girls) And this made me even MORE sad... and Tyler could tell. My wonderful, amazing, kind, sweet (I'll stop now, I think you get the idea) told me to go ahead and head up to NWA early. I really had not even thought of that bc I really wanted to stay here with him this week. But he knew that my heart was with the babies this week and I just needed some Brooklyn, Harry, Mallory Kate, and soon-to-be Georgia Kelley lovin'!!!!!! So either tomorrow or Wednesday morning I will make my way up I-40 and 540 to see my wonderful family!!! This will be the PERFECT way to start celebrating GK's birth! I will be there all week to lend a helping hand however I can!!!

So, I will definitely be blogging up a storm this week... There is no doubt I will have my blog filled with baby pics!

I know it may sound strange, but I really feel like this trip to NWA is the perfect remedy to my homesick fever. It's like my heart is just a little broken right now (bc I'm missing my family) and Tyler was just awesome enough to know what medicine I needed!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's POSH!!! And I don't mean the spice girl....

Hey all! I just wanted to share with everyone this new blog shop! One of my dearest friends Whitney, who is also one of the funniest and most creative friends I know, has started a little blog- business with her mom!


Elaine's Posh Boutique!

They have some super duper cute hats, headbands, and cloths for little babies and kids. Plus really cute picture frames. Their stuff is so cute! And you can trust that it is quality. Perfect for gifts!

Here is one of my fav hats! Now I just need a little girl to put this on :) JUST KIDDING!!! I think just mentioning babies gives Tyler and I ulcers..

So check out her blog!

Also, in the world of babies, I am still hoping that Amanda calls tomorrow (MONDAY) saying that I need to come home right then! Keep your fingers crossed... I am sooo anxious for GK! And I'm just the aunt... I can't even imagine how Amanda and Chad are feeling! EEK! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's almost baby time!

So this week Amanda will be giving birth to Miss Georgia Kelley and I am so excited! I was talking with Amy today and told her that I feel like once GK is here, our fam is complete.... at least for this go-around. It seems the Ware's like to have their babies in rounds :) so after the 2nd round, we will have our whole fam together. And that is something I am so excited about! I have also been praying for a safe delivery. So far I think GK is a little small, so Amanda feels comfortable letting GK "bake" a little longer. haha. And I don't blame her! Anything to help GK be as healthy and safe as possible!!!

I just can't imagine what she will look like! With Mallory Kate, it was a little easier bc we already had Brooklyn to look at. But GK is a whole different story! I'm sure she will look a LOT like Harry, but more delicate! I'm seriously thinking a curly headed-bleach blonde! :)

Come on... How cute is this pic? Its from our wedding day, he was the cutest ring bearer ever with his little bow-tie and suspenders! Anyway... you think GK will look like him? Or something completely different? What are you thoughts?

One thing that I am looking forward to more than ANYTHING is Georgia Kelley's birth! Amanda asked me and my mom, along with her sister and mom to be in the room for her birth!!!! This totally blew me away... I mean, this was not anything I was expecting. But needless to say, I am soooo very excited! Amanda does a great job at explaining her reasons HERE so you guys check it out.

I just wanted to explain why this meant so much to me. God has truly blessed me with two amazing sisters-in-law. (I like to think that it was God's way of making it up to me, having to grow up with Scott and Chad haha!) But growing up, I never had the close sister-relationship that so many girls get to have. So when Amy and Amanda came into the scene, I could not have been happier! I mean, now I get to have those friendships.... without all the fighting as kids ;) And now I get to experience the birth of this little angel. I know I would never be able to have this experience otherwise. I'm so thankful that Chad and Amanda have decided to include Mom and I in this incredible experience.

I will definitely be posting after to share with you every single detail of the big day.... even if it means that it scares me from ever giving birth myself! hahahaha!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The new place! Still a work in progress....

So I have totally been MIA for the past week or so.... but I do think I have a good excuse, with the move and all. So tonight I am spending time with one of my besties, Leslie, watching one of our fav new movies "The Proposal" and I thought this would be a great time to show everyone my new place!

Things are definitely not perfect and I have a LOT more planned, but Tyler has pulled my leash and put a stop to the spending for now :) Sometimes I just don't know my limits. haha! So this is what I've been working on this week, and I hope to get the rest of the house blog-worthy soon. I do have things in their place, but not exactly how I want it, so you will just have to wait a few more days. Maybe sometime next week I can show off the rest of the place! :)

Here is the view from our front door. The 1/2 bath is on the left, by the dresser. The living room is all on the right.

This is the view from our 1/2 bath door, I still want to have a huge picture frame on the right wall, its pretty bare. But I LOVE our new tv that we got for CHEAP CHEAP and watching cable on the couch! haha

This is dining room, my FAV! These doors are my greatest treasure find EVER!!!! I went to the NWA Bridal Fair last weekend with Tyler's sister (she's getting married May 15!!!!) and saw a booth for Erika Dotson Photography (Check it! She's sooo talented!) Anyway, I had to ask her where she got her doors, because I had been on the hunt and she offered to sell them to me for $30!!! That's what she paid, so she wasn't trying to make a prophet, just didn't have room to keep them. So needless to say, I'm a little proud of these doors... they are just so perfectly old and distressed! Plus, it was a great way to cover a wall without hanging a bunch of pictures and spending bunches of moolah! :)

My cute wreath! I got all the material at Target and added the fall leaves and sunflower, just for a Fall touch... you like?

Another view of the doors.... I am obsessed with the glass window! Tyler and I accidently cracked the glass when we were moving it, but luckily it is still intact!!!

A view into the 1/2 bath... I haven't added any wall decor yet, but I'm going with the navy/burnt orange them.

So here is where we are living! I'm not showing the kitchen or the bedrooms yet :) still too much work to do! Let me know what you guys think.... I really want to hear suggestions! And I will show updated pics of these rooms later as I get more and more done!

Friendly Visitors!