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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Blog... I'm back!

I know, I know... I have REALLY been slacking! I think ever since I went home for GK's birth, I just got out of practice! No excuses though... I am getting back in the blogging saddle!

So I am doing the LONGEST blog ever!!! I'm recapping from the weekend at home to now, so get ready. :)

Although there was so much that happened the weekend at home, most of my pics are on my parent's camera, so I will add those pics later (the Corn Maze, Georgia Kelley)

The whole time I was home, I was able to spend almost ALL of my time with my family, which was simply AMAZING! I was able to spend sooo much time with Harry, B, and MK before GK was born! (For those of you that need a translation for my abbreviations, here we go: B= Brooklyn, MK=Mallory Kate, GK= Georgia Kelley) All of these girls are my beautiful nieces.

Anyway, one afternoon I was able to spend with Harry. We basically hung out at his house and did whatever he wanted! It was so fun! The first thing he did was give me a tour of his house-- his room, his toys, his kitchen, and GK's room, toys, and clothes. Then we went outside and played with messy playdo, he rode his bike and drove his Hummer for me! I was so impressed! He seriously looks like a 5 year old when he rides his bike like a pro!

Say Cheese!!! ha!

On the Hummer

Riding his bike... doesn't he look soooo old!?!

Seriously, the messiest playdo I've ever played with! No wonder Amanda insisted we do it outside! haha!

This past Friday, Rachel (Tyler's sister) and I went over to her Aunt Jill's house. Jill has been decorating cakes for years and we thought it would be so fun to try it out! I LOVE watching Ace of Cakes and would like to think that I could be that good! :)

Rachel decided to make a pumpkin cake. I decided to make a special cake for one of my closest friends... but that will be revealed later! ;) No worries though... its in the freezer, so it will still be good! haha!

Icing the cake

Rachel's didn't look so good at first! We had our doubts but it turned out GREAT!!!!

Letting our cakes dry for a bit... and this is the last shot you will see of my cake-- the rest is a surprise. :)

Didn't her cake turn out SOOOO cute?!??!?! I was sooo impressed!

Later that night I went back to Harding for one last Hell Night. haha I know it might be a little sad, but Ashley (far left) asked me to come back for the night. For those of you non-Harding goers, Hell Night is the last night of Pledge Week and is usually the toughest night of the week (hence the name). Now don't get me wrong, it really is pretty tame, but the pledges have gone through a week of sleepless nights and TONS of stress so they basically thinks is the worst night of their life. Two years ago I was in charge of Pledge Week for my club Ju Go Ju, so Ash thought I should come back up just to see old friends and help out with the night. I mostly sat to the side, but it was still sooooo great to see my Ju Go Ju friends!

Then on Saturday, Tyler and I went to our friend Erin's wedding. Isn't she sooo beautiful!??! This is a pic of all my church besties that I have grown up with. We have been through EVERYTHING together-- from braces, glasses, acne, bad hair, and just being all around unfortunate looking. haha! So I was so glad we were all able to spend some time together.

Sunday night, Tyler and I went to CityFest in LR. They had lots of Christian bands and speakers, but we went to see Newsboys! So oldschool I know. I do like most of their songs, so it was fun to see them. The lead singer used to be in DC Talk so they played some of my favs from that band as well! I'm telling you, when "Jesus Freak" came on, Tyler got excited! haha! He knows every word... he even rapped better than the singer! :)

SO this is a quick recap to what has been going on lately. I PROMISE i will do a better job! I've still been reading all of my favorite blogs, but I just couldn't get in the mood to dish on my life. But I have some exciting things coming up so I will have some great posts!!!

Here are the things I am looking forward to:
-Going wedding dress shopping with Rachel TOMORROW! I MAY have some pics, but I'll have to check with her before posting
-Harding's Homecoming this weekend! It will be a HUG 06 reunion!!! YAY! LOTS of pics from that for sure!
-Girl's Bible study next Monday night. I just started to going to one of my closest HUG friend Erin's bible study and I REALLY enjoyed it! So I will be posting after that....
-Next weekend is BESTIES FESTIVITIES!!! My Bestest friends EVER are all coming back to Searcy for one weekend together! PLUS it is April's birthday so we will be celebrating that as well!
-The next weekend Tyler and I will be going HOME for some family pics! I am definitely excited for pictures, but REALLY excited to spend time with GK! I really didn't get to hold her when she was first born bc I had a cough and wanted to be extra careful.
-Then the NEXT weekend is Megan's wedding! Megan is one of my closest Harding friends, my Ju Go Ju sister, and my lifelong dance partner ;) So I will again be seeing some of my best friends for a weekend of wedding festivities!

So all this is a LOT but I would not have it any other way! So much time spend with the people I love most!!! STAY TUNED!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you've been a busy girl! I'm glad you are back to posting.

aWare said...

What a shock to see you updated...2 weeks...reallY? Great post, I am so glad you care so much for our babies, they are so stinkin' lucky!

cortney mae said...

wow... look who re-entered the blog world!! man, how does it feel to have me kickin your butt on hits.... :)
love ya!
was it me that you were talking about being SOO excited to see next weekend?

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