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Monday, October 5, 2009

It's almost baby time!

So this week Amanda will be giving birth to Miss Georgia Kelley and I am so excited! I was talking with Amy today and told her that I feel like once GK is here, our fam is complete.... at least for this go-around. It seems the Ware's like to have their babies in rounds :) so after the 2nd round, we will have our whole fam together. And that is something I am so excited about! I have also been praying for a safe delivery. So far I think GK is a little small, so Amanda feels comfortable letting GK "bake" a little longer. haha. And I don't blame her! Anything to help GK be as healthy and safe as possible!!!

I just can't imagine what she will look like! With Mallory Kate, it was a little easier bc we already had Brooklyn to look at. But GK is a whole different story! I'm sure she will look a LOT like Harry, but more delicate! I'm seriously thinking a curly headed-bleach blonde! :)

Come on... How cute is this pic? Its from our wedding day, he was the cutest ring bearer ever with his little bow-tie and suspenders! Anyway... you think GK will look like him? Or something completely different? What are you thoughts?

One thing that I am looking forward to more than ANYTHING is Georgia Kelley's birth! Amanda asked me and my mom, along with her sister and mom to be in the room for her birth!!!! This totally blew me away... I mean, this was not anything I was expecting. But needless to say, I am soooo very excited! Amanda does a great job at explaining her reasons HERE so you guys check it out.

I just wanted to explain why this meant so much to me. God has truly blessed me with two amazing sisters-in-law. (I like to think that it was God's way of making it up to me, having to grow up with Scott and Chad haha!) But growing up, I never had the close sister-relationship that so many girls get to have. So when Amy and Amanda came into the scene, I could not have been happier! I mean, now I get to have those friendships.... without all the fighting as kids ;) And now I get to experience the birth of this little angel. I know I would never be able to have this experience otherwise. I'm so thankful that Chad and Amanda have decided to include Mom and I in this incredible experience.

I will definitely be posting after to share with you every single detail of the big day.... even if it means that it scares me from ever giving birth myself! hahahaha!


aWare said...

PRECIOUS! I agree, you are such an easy sister in law, so low maintance...I love that about you! Chad and I were talking and we think you may be the toughest one in the room. If i have GK and am too late for an ep. you will be the only one to handle it. I am glad you will be in there and she is very blessed to have you as an aunt. Harry is too and if only GK can be as pretty as Harry in this picture! You are so good through and through!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for commenting because now I get to read your blog, which I love!!

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