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Friday, October 30, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me... does this REALLY ever happen?!?

Last night was definitely a test of self control for myself. At about 1:30 am, a truck parked in front of our apartment decided that its alarm should go off for no reason. And not just go off for a bit and quit, OH NO, we are talking 8 LOOOOONG hours of car alarmage, from 1:30 am to 8 am....

You might be asking yourself 'Hannah, what's the big deal? Can't you just drown it out after a while?' Well dear blogger friends, I have decided to include a short little video so you could understand what I was going through. Even though it was the middle of the night and I was sleep deprived and delusional, I was still thinking about you guys and your need to fully experience this car alarm. So here is a little snipit for your entertainment....

And the best part of this? This clip was only 35 seconds long! ha! You should try 8 hours!

Seriously though, there was no way for me to drown it out! One of the interesting things that I learned this AM is that we do not have a single place in our apt that is NOT connected with our outside wall. All of our windows face the parking lot, so there was just no chance for me...

Now my husband is another story. We were both up for probably about 1 hour, then I realized that Tyler had deserted me and returned to Dreamland, a place that I desperately wished to revisit. Instead I made my way downstairs, ate some cereal, and watched whatever show I could find that wasn't Paid Programming.

I noticed the alarm was slowing and getting a little weaker-- the battery was dying!

I dose a little here and there, but at 5:30 am, I had had enough. I called the police (non-emergency number of course) and politely told them that I was about 3 minutes from smashing a crow bar through the windshield of the truck. I had even called our management, but NO ONE DID ANYTHING!

Finally, at about 8 am I realized the only alarm left was a faint little chirp here and there and I was fully able to go to sleep! So I finally made my way back upstairs for a few more hours of shut-eye!

Seriously though, if this happens again, I have devised my plan. I will simply get up, calmly walk downstairs, grab a pair of scissors, then go out to the truck and cut the cords to the battery. ALL of the them. I'm not sure if all would be necessary, but I figure it sends a pretty clear message to whoever owns the vehicle that they need to WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING!!!!

I mean, I'm not sure if they just never heard it (which I find impossible) or if the person who owned the car wasn't actually there to do anything about it. But regardless, why would anyone have a car alarm that didn't shut off after 5, 10, 30, heck even 60 minutes! I mean REALLY! REALLY!!!! The never ending car alarm is man's worst invention and some one should be shot for making it....

Can you tell I'm a little perturbed?


Last night I went with Rachel (Tyler's sis), two of her best friends and Jo Anne (MIL). We went to Brinkley to Low's to look for her perfect wedding dress! And I am proud to say it was a SUCCESS!!!!! We had our doubts that we would find it as our appointment came to an end, but just when we were ready to pack it up, SHE FOUND IT!

She looks absolutely GORGEOUS! And I can't wait for her bid day in May! ha!

Sorry no pics, but I think we all know why. :)


Amy said...

How HORRIBLE! Scott didn't realize that I was looking at your blog and when he heard the alarm he thought it was our car and jumped up to turn it off. Obviously if we were your neighbors we wouldn't let you suffer. I can't imagine how anyone else slept through that. INSANE!

aWare said...

Harry wants to watch it again! HAHA! Chad and I are laughing so hard....you are funny!

aWare said...

We watched it again and Harry found Tyler's car and asked where you were!

Jen said...

oh FRIEND! You know I am as obsessed with sleep as you are... and we both can get (rightfully) vicious when someone messes with our slumber! I would have gone BANANAS, maybe a little psychotic, and probably would have started breaking stuff, specifically, every inch of that dang truck! haha... I could barely stand 35 seconds... 8 hours would have made me nutso!

~aj~ said...

I am amazed at your restraint. I seriously don't know how you didn't go to town on that vehicle with a crow bar. And why did the police not do anything?! That has to be a violation of the noise ordinance.

Just 35 seconds of it made my blood pressure rise. Bless your heart!

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