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Saturday, September 26, 2009

All moved in!

Hey all!! Well, we got everything moved in! There is still MUCH to do, but at least it is all here. And with the help of our parents, we were able to get a lot done! I am SOOO thankful for them! :)

Right now, Tyler and I are chilling on our couch (like the first time ever, since we never had cable to watch) watching The Wedding Crashers ( a personal fav). Tonight will be a relaxing night which I am so excited about!

Tomorrow on the other hand?? BUSY BUSY! I will be driving back to NWA. Tyler's little sis, Rachel, is engaged and is going to a bridal convention. So I really wanted to go with her too! It will be fun to search through all the bridal stuff, without having to make all the decisions! haha :)

So we will go to the bridal convention, and then its off to dinner with Sarah and Cortney! Our one last hoorah with the girls! Man, I am sooo going to miss them!

Anyway, I will be posting pics soon of the apt, hopefully it will be mostly decorated within the next week. I will be hard at work to make our new little place home-y!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Television-itis: Complete and utter boredom, due to lack of television and/or cable watching access.

I'm not sure if that is the technical name, but I'm going to pretend like it is.

Since Tyler and I got married, we decided to save a little moolah and NOT have cable. Gasp! What did you say, Hannah??? Yes, it is true! I have not had cable since May.

And really, for the most part, it has been fine. But there have been times when I wanted to scratch my eyeballs out simply to entertain myself. I mean, I didn't know boredom like that exsisted!!!

So my saving grace the past few months has been Hulu. I can watch basically any show I want. The only problem? Summer is sort of lacking in the exiting TV show department.

Thus, I was reduced to watch two shows which I had not seen in YEARS! And the sad part? I kind of enjoyed it...

I have been able to refresh my Angel and Buffy knowledge... I had forgotten how good these shows are!

But as the cooler weather comes, so do my FAVORITE shows! We still don't have cable, but at least I can watch these online.

The Office, of course, is my all time fav.... This show will NEVER get old. The other shows that I heart are: Project Runway, Community, Desperate Housewives, Biggest Loser, America's Next Top Model, and of course GLEE (I have become obsessed with this show, and really think it is quickly becoming everyone's new fav)

And surprisingly, one of my new favorite shows is the Vampire Diaries... who would have thought? I imagined it to be this cheesy, teeny-bopper, watered-down version of Buffy or Twighlight. But really? Not too bad so far! I find myself excited to watch the next week's episode as soon as I finish this week's. So for all you Twilighters, check this out! I really do think it's pretty good. (And this is someone who likes Twighlight a lot, but definitely not one of those obsessed people *cough* Jennie and Whitney *cough*) lol :)

But the super exciting news??? I will no longer have to suffer from Television-itis!!! Well, at least not completely. Since we are moving to LR, we had to get a new internet provider, who was running a special for TV and internet. So yours truly will now have 20 channels. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 20 cable channels! I know this is kind of sad to be so excited... but I figure I can get most of my fav shows from these few channels, and that is all I need! So, when we are in LR, anyone is welcome to come to our apt to watch TV! YAY!

Reality Check!

Since getting into the Blogger world, I have become OBSESSED with reading new blogs. I literally cannot get enough of other people's lives.

Yesterday, I came across a few different blogs from people who are going through INCREDIBLY difficult times. Katie's Keepers is about a family, here in NWA, that just lost their little girl Reese. They had an emergency c-section and Reese was only on this earth for 2 days before going to be with Jesus.

Another family hurting is the Sullivan Family. The wife passed away just days after giving birth to their daughter, Chloe.

And the last family I've been reading about is the Smith family. They also lost their little girl just hours after she was born. Although this happened 1 1/2 years ago, I know that pain will always be with them.

So I just ask that you guys keep these families in your prayers with me. I know they need God's peace now more than ever.

Anyway, I'm reading their stories while I'm at work, sitting at my desk with red, blotchy eyes and my nose running... just trying not to sob at my desk. It is such a reality check of how BLESSED we all are to have healthy, happy babies and no complications.

Now, I definitely do NOT have a child... but I have 3 little nieces, a nephew, and a niece on the way... and I basically count these as my children. :) Just reading these stories made me want to drive to both of my brothers' houses and hug my little babies SO hard.

Just about that same time, Amy my SIL, texted me asking if I would like to come over for dinner. Coincidence? I think not! It could NOT have been better timing!!!! I was so excited to spend a little time with Brooklyn and Mallory Kate.

PLUS, the night before I was able to spend some good quality time with Harry too! I tucked him in, reading him some of his favorite books. SOOO SPECIAL! :) I was even able to go through my future niece's room, Georgia Kelley, and look at all her cute outfits and beautiful nursery.

After reading about these people's struggles, I just can't help but praise Jesus for his beautiful blessings-- Harry, Brooklyn, and Mallory Kate. And I keep praying for Georgia Kelley, that God will keep her healthy and safe as she is brought into this world in a matter of weeks!!

Of course, what would a post be without some CUTE pics of my little babies! These are my babies.... the loves of my life! <3

And Now (drum roll please) Introducing Miss Mallory Kate!!!! I can't believe she is already 5 weeks old! Now all we have left is waiting on Georgia Kelley to come! I really can NOT wait to meet her!

Isn't this THE cutest pic of B ever???

Harry and B worn out after a day at the lake! haha, they look miserable

Tyler and I with our babies!!!

I am absolutely obsessed with this pic of Harry... notice his face? He used to make that face ALL the time when he was younger!

Their first trip to the beach.

This is how Harry and Tyler play pretty much all the time... Harry loves playing rough with Tyler, probably why he's one of Harry's favorite poeple! :)

This pic was taken right before B pooped in the tub! hahaha

Like I said earlier, now all we have to do is wait for Georgia Kelley.. I cannot wait!

So I just wanted today's post to be one of Thanksgiving to God for all his little blessings, and a prayer for all those that people who may not have as joyful situations as we do.

Don't forget to keep those families in your prayers!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unexpected Blessings!

Isn't it so awesome when something great happens when you least expect it?

Well that is exactly what happened to me last night!

Yesterday was a bad day for me.... and I mean BAD! I had to drive back up to NWA after a quick trip down to LR to move some furniture into our new apartment. I got home and realized I left all my keys in LR!!! ALL OF THEM! My car and my apartment were locked away and I was stuck in the parking lot, running late to my sister-in-law's baby shower! AH!

To make a long story short... after a lot of fiascos I was able to get into my apartment without chopping it down with an axe (which I was more than willing to do at that point) and am borrowing a car from Tyler's parents.

PLUS I made it to Amanda's (my sis-in-law) baby shower almost on time! WOO HOO! (There is more to say about Amanda and my niece, but that will be tomorrow's post ;) )

Afterword I had the JOY of even more to packing look forward to! YAY... not. Tyler's dad is taking a load down to LR today so we had to get it all put on the trailer last night. Needless to say, I was exhausted and packing was the LAST thing I wanted to do.


My brother Scott volunteered to help with the moving last night, and I'm so glad I finally agreed.
(I always feel bad asking for help in these situations because everyone hates to move their OWN stuff, so imagine how Not Fun it is to move someone else's!!!)
Well, he not only came himself... he also brought all the guys from his Bible study over too!!! 8-9 guys helped us move all our living room furniture in about 30 minutes!

And let me tell you... they PACKED that trailer and SUV full. They kept saying it was like a big game of Tetris, trying to fit the puzzle perfectly together. I always thought I was pretty good at the game, but these boys have a GIFT for Tetris! They put more things on the trailer than I thought possible.

So instead of spending hours moving furniture, I was able to spend the rest of the night relaxing. All I could think of was how incredibly BLESSED I am to have such great friends to come and help! And how wonderful being a part of a church family is!

Tyler and I are so excited to find our own church home in LR... it may take a while, but having those relationships are so important. Plus... they are always there to help you move!!! ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honey, I'm Ho--- .... wait, where did you go?

As most of you know, my hubby Tyler just started a job in Little Rock. We are so very excited for this move! We have spent a majority of our relationship long-distance (probably close to 75%, NO LIE!) so the idea of us going away together, just the 2 of us, to a new place seems like such an ADVENTURE!

Anyway, I am finishing up my job here in good ol' NWA until next Friday while Tyler is staying with friends in Conway and getting everything ready in LR for the Big Move. And I'm ngl, this has been such a LOOONG week for me! Even though Tyler and I have spent so much time apart in the past, I QUICKLY got used to having him around! After we got married, he basically became a stay-at-home-husband while he worked on this thesis for grad school and found a job. And let me tell you..... it was AWESOME! I have been so pampered!

Now, I truly am not one to be all mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey, head-over-heels, annoying about my marriage. I love my husband dearly, more than I can express... but come ON, sometimes girls are just straight up ANNOYING about the whole L.O.V.E. thing.

With that being said, I just can't help but reflect on the wonderfulness of having him at home when I get back from work. He literally treated me like a princess--- made me breakfast EVERY morning before work, cleaned the house, did laundry & dishes and would always be there to listen to my work day. Yes, ladies, you can now be jealous! I know he's pretty amazing. :) Ok, now I'm done being mushy!!!!!

But this week, I wake up alone, I skip breakfast (NO TIME!), I'm too lazy and depressed to clean, the house is a MESS (dishes in sink, dirty clothes on the floor, trashcan overflowing, you get the pic!) and all I can think about it how much I want to see Tyler!

So tonight I go home to an empty apt, yet again! (sigh, deep breath, sigh again) I know I'm feeling WAAAY too sorry for myself right now.... but please just let me grovel for a few more seconds.....

...... Ok, I'm better!!! Anyway, in a short, short time we will be reunited and beginning our journey together in LR. This time apart has really helped me realize God's blessings in my life and how we should cherish our time with the ones we love the most!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For YEARS now... and I'm not exaggerating on this... I have dreamt of my perfect pet. And I know exactly what it would be--- a German Shepherd!

It all started freshman year of college. One day, Tyler and I were spending an afternoon at a park in Searcy (very typical) and we see this man with his German Shepherd. They were playing catch... but not just a typical game of catch. The man would through a tennis ball over a fence and into a huge complex of tennis courts. Now, even I would have gotten lost in this tennis court! It was HUGE with different fences and gates and walkways to navigate your way through. But this dog? He flew through the tennis courts, jumping over nets, and weaving in and out of the mazes and obstacles. It was SPECTACULAR! At that moment, I knew I just HAD to have one of these AMAZING animals!

There is something so fun about having a dog that scares the begeezes out of people. Seriously, how many people do you think would actually think of attacking me on a jog if I had this bad boy running along side me? Ya, that's what I thought....

But I do want to say that I don't want my dog to be mean! I will train it well and make sure that it is VERY comfortable around others. BUT... I do want it to know how to be mean in case of an emergency.

I've already picked out it's name too! :) One of my favorite book series is the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evonovich. They are HILARIOUS! Anyway, my two favorite characters in the book are named Ranger and Lula. Ranger is a Latino Bad-A that is ridiculously good looking and could kill you with his pinkie. Lula is a big.. I mean BIG... black girl that likes to wear spandex and animal print. Oh ya, she's an ex-hooker too. So needless to say, I think these names are PERFECT for my first dog. I haven't decided if I want a male or female GS yet, so I have both names picked out just in case.

Tyler has always said that IF we ever did get a dog (which he is almost completely against) it would have to be a GS, simply because he doesn't want a pansy dog... and neither do I.

So Tyler and I were discussing pets yet again last week and he simply said that I could get a pet!!!! I was soooo excited!!!!! Until he said it could be a fish.....

So it looks like the next few years will be Ranger/Lula free in the Herriman House, but now I have to think about what kinds of fish I want and their names.... any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And I feel I've begun, now that we're one now

So here we go again! I feel a little deja vu as I begin a new blog. It is true that I have made several attempts in the past to be a good little blogger, but have failed miserably in each attempt. I either just completely forget to blog or can't think of anything interesting to blog about. But that changes today!

I have realized from reading friends' blogs that it is not about how interesting or funny you make your blog (although it certainly helps to not be boring :) ) but it's more about sharing your everyday thoughts and experiences!

So here we go!

First blog topic: The title of my blog.

I want to explain the title, just to give people a little insight into what makes me, me! The title of my blog "I feel I've begun.... now that we're one" is a line from one of...... let's make that my FAVORITE song of all time-- "On Legendary" by Further Seems Forever. FSF's album, "How to Start a Fire" is my all time favorite cd, start to finish, and this song is just the icing on the cake! Now, I must warn everyone that I do tend to have slightly different taste in music than the majority of my friends. So please be aware that this song, along with the entire cd, is not a pretty pop cd with catchy tunes. These may be a little too different for most.... so just be aware. But this song was introduced to me in 11th grade and has never ceased to amaze me.

The lyrics of this song are incredible. They talk about loving someone so much in a completely different way than we are used to hearing. To me, the words are beautiful and creative.

I wanted this line to be the title of my blog for several reasons. I think this is a great explanation of how I feel my life is going right now. I will soon be moving to Little Rock with my husband, Tyler. He started a new job while I am finishing my old one. With recently getting married (6/27/09) and about to move to a new city, I feel our lives are just beginning!

I also take this small little phrase and apply it spiritually as well. Our lives begin the day that we follow Christ. And since I am not perfect (gasp!) and everyday is a new battle to serve Him, I feel my life begins new everyday with God's wonderful grace that allows me to live a new day.

So my third attempt at a blog is off and running.... but I'm hoping 3rd time's a charm on this one! I feel like as I start my new adventure in LR, I need to document my new beginning and see what adventures I face! So STAY TUNED!

Friendly Visitors!