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Saturday, September 26, 2009

All moved in!

Hey all!! Well, we got everything moved in! There is still MUCH to do, but at least it is all here. And with the help of our parents, we were able to get a lot done! I am SOOO thankful for them! :)

Right now, Tyler and I are chilling on our couch (like the first time ever, since we never had cable to watch) watching The Wedding Crashers ( a personal fav). Tonight will be a relaxing night which I am so excited about!

Tomorrow on the other hand?? BUSY BUSY! I will be driving back to NWA. Tyler's little sis, Rachel, is engaged and is going to a bridal convention. So I really wanted to go with her too! It will be fun to search through all the bridal stuff, without having to make all the decisions! haha :)

So we will go to the bridal convention, and then its off to dinner with Sarah and Cortney! Our one last hoorah with the girls! Man, I am sooo going to miss them!

Anyway, I will be posting pics soon of the apt, hopefully it will be mostly decorated within the next week. I will be hard at work to make our new little place home-y!

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Scott said...

I think it's time for some pictures of the new pad. It's been almost of week. I'm beginning to wander if you have even gotten off the couch this week. Tyler don't cut her any slack.

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