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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And I feel I've begun, now that we're one now

So here we go again! I feel a little deja vu as I begin a new blog. It is true that I have made several attempts in the past to be a good little blogger, but have failed miserably in each attempt. I either just completely forget to blog or can't think of anything interesting to blog about. But that changes today!

I have realized from reading friends' blogs that it is not about how interesting or funny you make your blog (although it certainly helps to not be boring :) ) but it's more about sharing your everyday thoughts and experiences!

So here we go!

First blog topic: The title of my blog.

I want to explain the title, just to give people a little insight into what makes me, me! The title of my blog "I feel I've begun.... now that we're one" is a line from one of...... let's make that my FAVORITE song of all time-- "On Legendary" by Further Seems Forever. FSF's album, "How to Start a Fire" is my all time favorite cd, start to finish, and this song is just the icing on the cake! Now, I must warn everyone that I do tend to have slightly different taste in music than the majority of my friends. So please be aware that this song, along with the entire cd, is not a pretty pop cd with catchy tunes. These may be a little too different for most.... so just be aware. But this song was introduced to me in 11th grade and has never ceased to amaze me.

The lyrics of this song are incredible. They talk about loving someone so much in a completely different way than we are used to hearing. To me, the words are beautiful and creative.

I wanted this line to be the title of my blog for several reasons. I think this is a great explanation of how I feel my life is going right now. I will soon be moving to Little Rock with my husband, Tyler. He started a new job while I am finishing my old one. With recently getting married (6/27/09) and about to move to a new city, I feel our lives are just beginning!

I also take this small little phrase and apply it spiritually as well. Our lives begin the day that we follow Christ. And since I am not perfect (gasp!) and everyday is a new battle to serve Him, I feel my life begins new everyday with God's wonderful grace that allows me to live a new day.

So my third attempt at a blog is off and running.... but I'm hoping 3rd time's a charm on this one! I feel like as I start my new adventure in LR, I need to document my new beginning and see what adventures I face! So STAY TUNED!

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