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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reality Check!

Since getting into the Blogger world, I have become OBSESSED with reading new blogs. I literally cannot get enough of other people's lives.

Yesterday, I came across a few different blogs from people who are going through INCREDIBLY difficult times. Katie's Keepers is about a family, here in NWA, that just lost their little girl Reese. They had an emergency c-section and Reese was only on this earth for 2 days before going to be with Jesus.

Another family hurting is the Sullivan Family. The wife passed away just days after giving birth to their daughter, Chloe.

And the last family I've been reading about is the Smith family. They also lost their little girl just hours after she was born. Although this happened 1 1/2 years ago, I know that pain will always be with them.

So I just ask that you guys keep these families in your prayers with me. I know they need God's peace now more than ever.

Anyway, I'm reading their stories while I'm at work, sitting at my desk with red, blotchy eyes and my nose running... just trying not to sob at my desk. It is such a reality check of how BLESSED we all are to have healthy, happy babies and no complications.

Now, I definitely do NOT have a child... but I have 3 little nieces, a nephew, and a niece on the way... and I basically count these as my children. :) Just reading these stories made me want to drive to both of my brothers' houses and hug my little babies SO hard.

Just about that same time, Amy my SIL, texted me asking if I would like to come over for dinner. Coincidence? I think not! It could NOT have been better timing!!!! I was so excited to spend a little time with Brooklyn and Mallory Kate.

PLUS, the night before I was able to spend some good quality time with Harry too! I tucked him in, reading him some of his favorite books. SOOO SPECIAL! :) I was even able to go through my future niece's room, Georgia Kelley, and look at all her cute outfits and beautiful nursery.

After reading about these people's struggles, I just can't help but praise Jesus for his beautiful blessings-- Harry, Brooklyn, and Mallory Kate. And I keep praying for Georgia Kelley, that God will keep her healthy and safe as she is brought into this world in a matter of weeks!!

Of course, what would a post be without some CUTE pics of my little babies! These are my babies.... the loves of my life! <3

And Now (drum roll please) Introducing Miss Mallory Kate!!!! I can't believe she is already 5 weeks old! Now all we have left is waiting on Georgia Kelley to come! I really can NOT wait to meet her!

Isn't this THE cutest pic of B ever???

Harry and B worn out after a day at the lake! haha, they look miserable

Tyler and I with our babies!!!

I am absolutely obsessed with this pic of Harry... notice his face? He used to make that face ALL the time when he was younger!

Their first trip to the beach.

This is how Harry and Tyler play pretty much all the time... Harry loves playing rough with Tyler, probably why he's one of Harry's favorite poeple! :)

This pic was taken right before B pooped in the tub! hahaha

Like I said earlier, now all we have to do is wait for Georgia Kelley.. I cannot wait!

So I just wanted today's post to be one of Thanksgiving to God for all his little blessings, and a prayer for all those that people who may not have as joyful situations as we do.

Don't forget to keep those families in your prayers!!!

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