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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For YEARS now... and I'm not exaggerating on this... I have dreamt of my perfect pet. And I know exactly what it would be--- a German Shepherd!

It all started freshman year of college. One day, Tyler and I were spending an afternoon at a park in Searcy (very typical) and we see this man with his German Shepherd. They were playing catch... but not just a typical game of catch. The man would through a tennis ball over a fence and into a huge complex of tennis courts. Now, even I would have gotten lost in this tennis court! It was HUGE with different fences and gates and walkways to navigate your way through. But this dog? He flew through the tennis courts, jumping over nets, and weaving in and out of the mazes and obstacles. It was SPECTACULAR! At that moment, I knew I just HAD to have one of these AMAZING animals!

There is something so fun about having a dog that scares the begeezes out of people. Seriously, how many people do you think would actually think of attacking me on a jog if I had this bad boy running along side me? Ya, that's what I thought....

But I do want to say that I don't want my dog to be mean! I will train it well and make sure that it is VERY comfortable around others. BUT... I do want it to know how to be mean in case of an emergency.

I've already picked out it's name too! :) One of my favorite book series is the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evonovich. They are HILARIOUS! Anyway, my two favorite characters in the book are named Ranger and Lula. Ranger is a Latino Bad-A that is ridiculously good looking and could kill you with his pinkie. Lula is a big.. I mean BIG... black girl that likes to wear spandex and animal print. Oh ya, she's an ex-hooker too. So needless to say, I think these names are PERFECT for my first dog. I haven't decided if I want a male or female GS yet, so I have both names picked out just in case.

Tyler has always said that IF we ever did get a dog (which he is almost completely against) it would have to be a GS, simply because he doesn't want a pansy dog... and neither do I.

So Tyler and I were discussing pets yet again last week and he simply said that I could get a pet!!!! I was soooo excited!!!!! Until he said it could be a fish.....

So it looks like the next few years will be Ranger/Lula free in the Herriman House, but now I have to think about what kinds of fish I want and their names.... any suggestions?


aWare said...

Tell Tyler to stick to his guns! One day it will turn into an outside dog, wouldn't that be so sad! That was Charlie's fate if we didn't send him to Vegas! Love your new blog, love the title, the pick, and the background! I wish I could figure out how to get a cute title too! I don't comment much and since you have the word verification, I will NEVER again! We over here at the Warehouse love the Herriman House!

Amy said...

Ouch- are you talking about our outside dog, Maggie Mae?? We do still love her and will bring her back indoors when we get our crew undercontrol....if that ever happens! :) I would definitely wait for more room before bringing in a GS. Love this post and love your blog. It is going to inspire me to announce my baby's birth... when I get a chance... :)

~aj~ said...

German Shepherds are amazing dogs. And as a fellow Stephanie Plum fan, I have to say the names you have picked out are PERFECT!

Love your new blog, Hannah!

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