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Friday, December 4, 2009

A few favorite ornaments

Growing up, we always used the random collection of childhood ornaments and strings of popcorn to decorate our tree (probably like every other family in America). Being the only girl, I was always in charge of helping my mom decorate our tree, so I loved every year going back through all of our ornaments.

Here are two of my favorite! The first one is a "baby's first Christmas." I mean, I know its nothing magnificent by any means, but I guess I just like this one because I've had it for so long? Awww memories :)

And this one is pretty self explanitory... From Mom. I'm her favorite. And its a little red-headed girl. I think you get why I like this one so much! ha!

Well Tyler is off next week to California! He's going for work... some kind of seminar? Anyway, he's leaving Sunday and not getting back until SATURDAY! Now that is a LONG work week! So for right now, we are just enjoying a lazy weekend, maybe watch a movie tonight? I'm thinking something Christmasy!

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