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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hmmm choices choices...

Tyler and I have some exciting things going on right now... so here is a quick recap.

Tyler is in his 1st year of his 2 year internship with the Corp of Engineers. The entire first year is spent in LR, learning about the Corp and observing. During his second year, he will have the opportunity to go to a few different Corp offices across the country for 4-8 weeks at a time. This will really let him learn about all aspects of the Corp and help him when he comes back to LR. The internship is really a stepping stone... they spend a lot of time training in hopes that he will be well-versed with the Corp so he will be a great employee (at least, that is the plan. obviously nothing is certain)

Moving on, Tyler will be able to request different locations for his "mini-internships" next year. He will probably be going to Portland OR, Alexandria VA (right outside DC). The other locations that are questionable are Davis CA, Galveston TX.

BUT the big question.... if he had the choice to request Dallas TX or San Francisco, which should he choose? I know some of you are wondering, what does it matter? He will be working so it won't make much of a difference. HOWEVER, Tyler and I have decided that we are young, newly married, and able to survive on one income, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? The intern before Tyler told us that he and his wife decided to go together. She went everywhere with him. So when he spent 8 weeks in Portland, she was there with him... and think you are getting where I am going with this??? :)

We have decided that I am going with him! I am so excited for this! Just thinking about it gets me excited! Now I realize that this is NOT some sort of vacation. Tyler will be working full time. We will spend anywhere from 4-6 weeks at any certain location. But we have spent the greater part of our almost 6 year relationship apart and are kind of sick of it! So for all the years that we were practical with everything involving our relationship, we have decided to be a little adventurous this time :). I will move where he moves, I will go where he goes.

We really have absolutely no idea where all he will be assigned to go, or how long he will go, but we do know that I will go too. I feel like this will be an incredible time for us to truly be alone, really enjoy being with our best friend & partner for life. It will be a chance to "live" (I use quotation marks bc its only for a few weeks at a time, and we will probably be in hotels of some sort) in places we would probably never live in or visit. Just saying, I've never had the desire to move to Portland. But would I like to visit for a few weeks? yes! Would I like to spend time in places I've never been? Of course!

We are NO where, I repeat NO WHERE near being close to having any details of this adventure. Everything is very "if-y" right now. But I am a daydreamer and have just been thinking, if I could choose between living in Dallas or San Fran for a few weeks, which would I choose?

Of course, just writing this sounds ridiculous. I mean, I live 5 hours from Dallas. I've been there a million times. And I've never been to San Fran, or northern Cali for that matter. I know there are probably waaay more things to do and see in San Fran. BUT, I guess my thought is that I do have a great best friend, and several other good friends, that live in Dallas. And goodness knows I don't see them enough. Also, we could take our car to Dallas (convenience is a factor!). We would be waaay closer to family. And we would fit in more. Tyler and I are both conservative Southerners... borderline squares. I'm not even ashamed to admit that! Now don't get me wrong, I think we are hilarious, fun-loving people. But I'm afraid in San Fran we would look like deer caught in the headlights. So that's just something to think about...

So if you would, dear blogger friends, please think about this rationally (Cortney, I already know your answer :) ) and take a look at these pictures, and let me know your thoughts. I just need some friendly insight as to all of your decisions!

Thank you friends for you answers.... I need a little help with this!


aWare said...

No Question: San FRancisco! I am dying to go there! My cousin livees there and says it is one of the most amazing places ever! It is like no other place ! Please go...we will come visit1

~aj~ said...

First of all, I think this sounsd like the most exciting adventure...EVER!!! I so wish Matt and I could have done something similar in our early marriage.

That said, SAN FRANSISCO, hands down! It is at the top of my must-visit traval destination list. I think you would both LOVE it. And in the long run...do you think you'd ever regret not spending 8 weeks in Dallas? A place you can visit any weekend you want? Or might you regret not spending 8 weeks in one of the most awesome places in the country? I'm just sayin'. ;)

Good luck deciding!!!

Jenni said...

You have to choose San Fan! I went there this year for work and I fell in love with the city! It's a big city, but it doesn't feel that way at all. Everyone was so nice, it's very, very easy to get around (even without a car), and it is beautiful! There are also tons of things to do around San Fran. I would move there in a heartbeat.

You have your whole life to stay in the south - go crazy and go to San Fran!

cortney mae said...

i am telling u again, cause i want to stress to you this point.
YOU CAN GO TO DALLAS ANY OLD WEEKEND. yes i see your points, but seriously, you can easily make a 6 hr drive to spend the weekend, and while yes dallas is cool.. i lived there for 2 years and i don't think it can compare to all the cool things to see & do in san fran..
IF you still need more convincing..
Think of full house.. Danny Tanner & the Olsen twins would want you to go to their home town.

Whitney Killebrew said...

No competition I would for sure say San Fransisco. Dallas is soooo "you can do anytime" and like you said yourself you have been to Dallas a million times. So I would go somewhere I have never been!

Amy said...

I would have to say Dallas... YEAH RIGHT!! SAN FRAN baby!! How amazing that you can do this with Tyler. Do you know how excited I am for you and I am going to totally live through all of your adventures!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for SanFran!

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