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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas shopping?? Mission accomplished!

I am very proud to say that I...

1. Finished ALL of my Christmas shopping (with the exception of 2 little things that I'm going to pick up Wednesday)
2. Finished in ONE afternoon
3. Did not have a car wreck
4. Did not yell, scream, give a dirty look, or threaten with hand motions to ANYONE today!!

This by itself is quite a feat if I do say so myself. Anyone that knows me at all (that's right, you don't even have to know me well) knows that I am terrible with road rage! So to sit through all the awful traffic today and still be pleasant is WONDERFUL!

I was very excited going through all the stores, picking out all the gifts, thinking about each person and hoping they like their gifts. Although, sometimes giving gifts can be a little nerve wracking for me... I just want the person to LOOOOVE their gift and it can stress me out a little.... ya, ok, it can stress me out A LOT when I really want to find the "PERFECT" gift.

Does anybody else feel that way sometimes? Almost as if you think the person you are buying for has all these high expectations and it's your job to make sure their wildest dreams come true with your one present? Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit... but you get the idea...

But this time, I was wasn't really stressed too much! I actually tried to enjoy the whole experience and I DID!

The only exception was when I looked for my niece's princess doll... you know, the one that I blogged about, saying how it was my nightmare that every store in LR would suddenly be out? Well..... It. Happened.

Oh me, oh my, I was a little distressed. This little doll was all I was supposed to get, and I was naive enough to think it would still be readily available. I was seriously upset- mainly because I know how much she wanted this one special doll. But luckily, they had a different princess... I'm just hoping she likes it just as much!

But let that be a lifelong message to myself and any other childless woman in the world... If you ever, ever, EVER have children, do NOT wait until the week of to try and find their special toy. I will never do this again... not to my nieces or nephew, or my future children. Lesson Learned.


Amy said...

This made me laugh. Thanks to Dollar General in Cave Springs, she will be just fine. Who knows, by that time she may have moved from Cinderella to Ariel anyway! Can't wait to see you!

Scott said...

If you make Brooklyn cry b/c she doesn't get the one gift that she has been talking about non-stop, then you will never be able to see our children again.
Love you!

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