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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bah Humbug!

I know so many of you have felt this way either this year, or in years past, but I am truly feeling a little un-Christmasy! Despite the fact that my tree is decorated, I'm walking around the house in my warm slippers, and I'm craving hot cider, I just can't seem to feel the Christmas spirit. Maybe I'm in need of a little holiday season revival?? Hmm...

(PS... this is B, my niece. How stinkin cute is this pic??? I die laughing everytime I see it!)

Another BIG.... and I say BIIIIIIIIGGGG, problem is that I have not finished my shopping. Wait, did I say FINISHED? I meant to say STARTED!!!! I hear you gasps as you are reading this.... I know, I know, I know, I feel your shameful stares and "tisk tisks."

But in my defense, I do have everything picked out already. I know exactly what needs to be purchased... in detail. I just haven't actually faced the vicious holiday crowds to get them. I just can't seem to muster the ferocity (is that a word? the root word being "ferocious") to throw some 'bows and hit the mall. But I have carefully mapped out my plan of attack. I will go first thing Monday morning-- I figure this weekend will just be a nightmare.

Monday morning seems like that will be the least busy time in the next week... before all the kids wake up from not going to school. And since all the little tweenyboppers won't be in school next week, I figure they will most likely be congregating at the mall and movies. So early Monday it is.

According to my calculations, I will have approximately 4 stops to make and again, I know exactly what I am looking for, so I figure I can knock it all out in a few short hours.

But this still leaves me with an unsettle feeling that all of the presents I am planning on getting will be completely sold out. Just like in a really bad dream.... it will go something like this:

I walk into Target, and they will have all their shelves fully stocked with every kind of glorious toy imaginable. I stand in awe. Except I make a turn down the Princess dolls isle... and I am left staring at a big. huge. gaping. hole! My cute little niece, all she wants is a princess doll! And of course that will be the only thing that is out of stock, they won't get it in stock, and there is no chance to get one shipped. THAT IS MY NIGHTMARE!

But I'm sure everything will be just fine... just a few deep breaths.

So maybe once I face the madness that is Christmas shopping, I will feel a little more jolly?? Who knows, but I'm hoping that helps. If not, I know FOR SURE that by the time Wednesday comes around I will be merry.

Tyler gets off work Wednesday at 11!!! How great is that!!! Because of his schedule, he has every other Friday off. And Christmas day happens to be his scheduled day off. So instead, he gets Thursday off. And they were going to get out at 11 anyway, so we get to head to NWA on Wednesday. I am so excited! A little fam time always helps the holiday spirit, right?? :)

In fact, just to be honest, I know that my bah-humbugness is mainly due to the lack of fam time the past few weeks... and the fact that I don't have Christmas lights to plug in every night outside our house... and the fact that my Mom hasn't made me wrap all of the Christmas presents (That always happens every year. She asked me to wrap like 9 million presents and I act like I hate every minute of it... but of course, I'm always excited to! :) haha) So I think I will be completely cured the moment we pull up I-540 and I get a look out over the beautiful Fayetteville skyline.

Ahhhh.... bliss!

If not, the ghost of Christmas past might as well head my way, because I'm pretty much a lost cause at that point... :)

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