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Saturday, June 5, 2010

almost there!

I am spending this entire next week away from work and home. I will. Be at Navarre beach, FL with the entire Ware fam!!! We are in Mobile,AL right now so only about an hour to go!!!! Here is a pic of our first view of the ocean today. A little brown... Maybe that's the oil??? Let's hope we get just a few days of pretty blue water before the oil hits us!!!

Ok so I just got a new phone and am still learning how it works. I can't figure out how to upload a pic a just took so you will have to tale my word for it... It's not the prettiest i've seen it but I'm hopeful for a few days of bright sun and pretty water!!! :)

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Catie said...

Yay vacation! Hope you had a great time, Hannah.

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