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Monday, October 21, 2013

Ok here we go again

Hello all, tis time to try this again. And this time, I think I have special reason to stick with it! ;)

As most if you know by now, Tyler and I are ecstatic that we are expecting our first little humanbaby!!! I use this term because, quite truthfully, we already have two babies.... Furbabies nonetheless, but that's just getting into the details. 

As of now, our sweet human baby is about 9 week old. We had out first appointment last week and I'll get in to those details later. But for now, I really wanted to make note of everything that's gone on in the first few weeks of pregnancy before I forget!

September 16th -- the BEST/SCARIEST day of my life!!!! That weekend, I had had a work event and had recruited Tyler to help. It was all hands on deck! Anyway, after that event ended Saturday, I got home and was in bed by 7 pm. I. Was. Exhausted. Then, Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night to go pee (darn that frequent restroom break thing that happens a with pregnancy!) and could NOT go back to sleep. I just started praying. Praying for our unborn child. I probably laid awake praying for over an hour. And it was then that I just knew. Weird, right? I just knew that I was pregnant! I had this ah-ha moment and just knew that I had to take a test the next morning. Thankfully I had to run a bunch of errands on Monday for work and snuck in some time to pick up a test and head home. (No way was I taking this life-changing, biggest-moment-of-my-life test in my work restroom!) I got home, took the test and consequently stared at myself in the mirror for a solid 10 minutes after I saw the result. I was stunned. I couldn't move. I just stared at myself with a dumb, silly grin because my mind couldn't process this new information.  

After I snapped out of my coma, I immediately began thinking of how to tell Tyler. I asked if he wanted to meet for lunch, and he shot me down. Darn it, plan B. I decided to just be sure I got home before him so I could greet him at the door. I mean, he's going to be ecstatic, right?? Well, it certainly wasn't the reaction I had hoped for. 

Tyler and I aren't really big into the frills and big, fancy-shmancy creative announcements so I decided to keep it simple. I was in the kitchen "doing the dishes" when he walked it. The test was sitting on our countertop by the door. It took him a second to realize what it was, and, here is where he jumps up and down, cries, hugs me and tells me he's never been happier, right? Ummm, not quite. He simple looks at it and laughed. At me! He said I was being ridiculous, because there simple isn't any way we could be pregnant. (Maybe I should back and up say that I've kind of been wanting to getting pregnant for months now. I've been tracking my cycle and he has even caught me taking tests a month or so ago). So to be fair, he really just thought I was freaking out for nothing. 

But then, when I explained that it was in fact positive, he still didn't buy it. He said it was probably a false positive (I had been researching online and knew the unlikelihood of such a thing) and that he needed "more data points" in order to confirm it in his mind. Now, for those that know him, this probably doesn't surprise you. He's an economist. All day, every day, he studies statistics. He looks at data and analyzes. So after my immediate heartbreak (and maybe a yelling tantrum that he didn't believe me) I took a breath and realized that I had had all day to process this info. I even had the internal "motherly intuition" thing to know without a doubt. But he didn't. I had just thrown this at him 2 minutes ago. He needed more data. And that's ok. 

So for 3 days I waited. Tyler said if I took another brand test at a different time of the day 3 days later and it was still positive, he would believe it. Ok, fine whatever. For three days, I was the only person that knew I was pregnant. And I have to say it was fairly isolating. I really felt alone during those few days! Finally I took the test and, of course!, it was positive. Tyler actually had the happy, lovey, dovey response I had hoped for! We hugged, freaked out and had a long, fun convo about how the rest of our lives will change forever. No pressure, right? :)

And that's it for now! I will try my absolute hardest to post regularly during pregnancy. I really want to use this a scrapbook of sorts. A documentation of this wonderful / terrifying experience!

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