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Friday, October 4, 2013

The best way to tell someone you're wife is pregnant

Leave it to Tyler to completely shock me with his creativity in telling his sister we are expecting. 

Let me set the scene. 
Tyler's sister Rachel and her husband Josh were in town for a quick weekend trip for Josh's sister's wedding. They live in Denver so we haven't seen them in quite some time. And we won't see them again until Christmas. So Tyler and I knew we wanted to share this news with them in person. Even if it meant sharing a few weeks before we told everyone else. 

We had Josh and Rachel and Tyler's parents in for the weekend. It was awesome!!! It was so great to all be together, even if just for a short time. My heart was happy, and we all had a great relaxing time together filled with lots of laughs. 

We kept the pregnancy a secret all weekend. Once Tyler's parents left to head back to NWA, the four of us were left to veg out, watch tv, and enjoy the few hours we had left together. We were watching Extreme Weightloss (have you ever watched that show??? I love it. I cry every freaking episode). Anyway, we are watching this entire show and Tyler still hasn't said anything! Come on Tyler! WHAT are you waiting for?!?!? We had decided he should be the one to tell them, so I just left it to him to come up with something. BIG. MISTAKE. 

As the show came to an end, Tyler speaks up and says very casually, "Speaking of extremely fat people..." Uh oh, this is not what I had in mind. Nor can this sentence end well. "...Hannah's going to be getting pretty huge in the next 8 months."

I died. Not because I was offended.  Because let's face it, I'm going to get really fat in the next 8 months. Logic and facts don't tend to offend me. They're facts. 

I died because that even caught me totally off guard, and I KNEW what the news was! I immediately started laughing so hard I began to cry. Josh and Rachel laughed hysterically without a clue. They were just assuming Tyler was saying something offensive, which he may do from time to time. It took a good 5 seconds for Rachel to stop. Think about what was just said. And process what he actually meant. She turned, eyes like a deer in headlights, and immediately started screaming. Actually we all screamed. We hugged, cried, screamed, etc. It was pretty stinking awesome. 

So for all those looking for any announcement ideas, feel free to ask Tyler for advice. I'm sure he'll come up with some great suggestions. 

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Jessica said...

That is hilarious! What a unique way to share the exciting news! ;)

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