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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Put the Peddle to the Metal!

So yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, and since Tyler works for the government, he had the day off! We were of course excited to be able to spend a day together. And since the weather has warmed up recently, we decided to go for a bike ride.

(Right after we bought my bike the weather dropped to like -15 degrees so riding a bike outside was pretty much impossible. We tried it once when it was 20 degrees outside and afterwords I felt like Harry and Lloyd...except on separate bikes) :)

But the weather was a lovely 60 degrees yesterday and just PERFECT for a bike ride!

Normally we ride down to the Big Dam Bridge (about 4 miles down) and back. Not too difficult, I realize, but I'm still a beginner. :)

But yesterday we crossed over the Bridge--which was awesome by the way-- and Tyler actually convinced me to make the entire trail loop! I really don't know how he did it. I mean, we didn't even know how many total miles it was.... we simply said, we'll try. Even if that meant making it half-way before falling over dead. Eeesh....

But I'm glad to say that we finished the trail in 1 hr, 45 minutes (about 13-15 miles, we're not too sure). That may be ridiculously slow overall, but seriously it was so fun!

The beautiful scenery during the first half, and avoiding be hit by a car while riding through downtown... such a variety! :)

In other news....

This is my newest addiction... and it seriously has me obsessed!!!!


Amy said...

Oh didn't I tell you...you keep thinking what's another 45 minutes and before you know it you have had 12 hours of 24 behind your belt. Not like I've EVER done that before!!

Jessica said...

I completely understand the obsession! Lol my family and I started watching the series from season 1 last July and were all caught up and ready to begin season 8 by December!

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