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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Say a little prayer for me.... or a few thousand :)

So today I had an interview with Make a Wish. It was for a fundraising/events planning position, and quite honestly I thought it went really really well. I really felt like with all the questions she was asking me, it was easy to talk about why I would LOVE this job!

Now just to fill you guys in.... I WANT TO WORK IN NON-PROFIT! That has always been a long-term goal of mine. Now, I realize to some people this sounds crazy! There are definitely challenges with any job, and I feel like I'm aware of a lot of those challenges in a non-profit environment. However, I feel like the work I would be doing would have PURPOSE. Even after a bad day, I can go home knowing that I helped someone... you know???

And I mean, come. on. MAKE A WISH?!?!?! Shut up, that would awesome!

Soooo I guess it's pretty obvious that I really.... really.... REALLY want this job. I mean, any job would be wonderful right now, but this? This is special. This is a dream job! No, I won't get rich working there, but that's ok. It's more important for me to love what I do and know WHY I do it.

I won't hear anything for about 2 weeks, so just keep praying in the meantime-- I know I will!!! :)


Amy said...

This would be such a great fit for you and a definite dream job in my book! I will Make a Wish in my prayers tonight! :)

Whitney said...

I am so excited to learn you had an interview with Make A Wish. What a purposeful job this would be. I can totally see you rocking out and makeing a difference by working for them. I'll be praying this job will pick you.

~aj~ said...

You would be PERFECT for an organization like Make-A-Wish. I'll be praying as well!

Catie said...

Wow, very exciting! I'm inspired by just hearing how passionate you are about this. Praying!

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