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Monday, February 1, 2010


For the past week, every one on FB has changed their profile picture to their "celebrity look-a-like." I think it's so fun to see people's celebrity twins! Most are very uncanny, but sometimes... well I'm not sure if every blonde is twins with Britney Spears. :) So this got me thinking..... who is my twin???

Now I have thought and thought about this and have just decided I don't have one... bummer. I have heard some random... I mean RANDOM... people, but it's never been the same person. I've heard Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Simpson (pre-nose job haha!), and Julia Roberts???? Now, I'm definitely not dogging on myself, but let's face it, I am nooooo Julia Roberts. :) Anyway, I guess I'm ok with the fact that I don't look like anyone... just means I'm that much more unique?? Ya, let's go with that. :)

But as I was thinking about twins, I've realized that I have soooo many Twins in my family and friends!!! Now I'm going to start with a few today, but I'm going to continue thinking and post some more later this week...

Here are my list of celebrity twins. And I have brag a little--- These are pretty stinking good! lol :)

Rachel, Tyler's sister, and Emma Watson

Mom, and Blythe Danner and Diane Keaton. I also think she has a little bit of Susan Sarandon and Sally Fields, but these are my top 2 pics, especially Blythe (mostly from "Will and Grace")

Jo Anne, Tyler's mom, and Jamie Lee Curtis, but only from "Christmas with the Kranks." The hair is was sold me :)

Now, I have heard this since "Titanic." I have also heard from friends that watching "Legally Blonde" was a little awkward (the scene where he hits on Elle) because they just saw my dad! haha! :)

I have said this twin since before Brooklyn was born! I knew while she was still in the womb that she would look just like Boo from "Monster's Inc" and I think she does!!!

Now later I'm going to post friend look-a-likes... so any suggestions would be welcomed! :)

Who do people say you look like???


Amy said...

I have heard Brooke Shields, back in Blue Lagoon days. When she had monster eyebrows! ;)

Love the Monster's Inc, so sad she doesn't have that baby face anymore!

~aj~ said...

the Brooklyn/Boo resemblance is my favorite! Sooooo cute!

Whitney Killebrew said...

Those are good. I don't look like anyone either. We obviously suck!

aWare said...

I don't look like anyone either! I can't believe you didn't put chad as Woody Harrelson! Your dad is so Victor Garber! I was a big fan of Alias when I met Chad and I couldn't get over it. I may need to do a post like this too! I love this post! I don't think I look like anyone. A retarded janitor at school use to tell me I looked just like Uma Thurman all the time! I also got called Molly a lot from the Bachelor! I don't see it but, I didn't mind it either.

Whitney said...

Great post! I loved looking at all the look alikes. I really don't think I look like anyone though. Yea! I'm special too!

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