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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Twin Pics!!!!

Ok, so I really had SOOOO much fun thinking of people's Celebrity Twins!!! Seriously, all day I could not help thinking of all my family and friends, trying to match them with someone. I'm afraid I used my best ones yesterday, but I think I still found some good ones....

Tyler and Tom Cruise... he has heard this since before we started dating. I'm afraid I don't see it too much, but in this pic I can really see it, right?

I have always thought my friend Sarah looks like Megan Fox.... which is like a HUGE compliment :).... but I"m not sure if she's ever heard this before.

I stole this from Amanda..... Chad and Woody Harrelson. I had NEVER thought of this one before, but I guess its pretty good. Although, growing up I always thought Chad looked just like Mark-Paul Gosselar (Zack) from Saved by the Bell....

Maybe its just in this pic, but I totally think Amy looks like Jennifer Connely, no?

Again, I stole this one from Amanda... I had never thought of this match, so I had to test it out. Actually I can really see the resemblance! Amanda and Molly from the Bachelor!

Ok Whitney, I tried....I REEEAAALLY tried. But dang, you don't look like anyone!!! HAHA! This was the best I could come up with! Alyson Hannigan (with dark hair only).... now this is definitely a stretch... :)


I have found something GREAT! MyHeritage.com You just sign up for free and they scan your face and tell you who you look like! haha Let me tell you, there are some pretty funny people that come up!

I spent a good hour testing it on all my friends and I kept getting some of the same people, so I'm no so sure how great it is... but hey it was fun to find who my matches were....

I think this was my best match overall.... I think its because we have long faces and smaller eyes, but I actually think this is a pretty close match... thoughts?

I guess its nice to know what I would look like if I ever decided to go blonde, right?!? Ha! Not very likely.....

My least favorite look-a-like??? JOSH GROBAN!!!! HAHAAH YES! Please note my 2 different look-a-like tests at the bottom of my blog... one of them listed JOSH FREAKIN GROBAN! Now THAT is funny!!!!! :)

Here is just another example of how funny this test can be.... Here is a screen shot of just one of the results...

Scott as Tony Danza, BABY HARRY as Grace JONES!!!!!! haahah, Dad as W Bush (not that bad, actually) and Chad as Owen Wilson.

Wow, talk about RANDOM!!!!

I am just having so much fun with this... last one I promise!

Ashley is Beyonce, Rachel as Brooke Burns, Me as Cate Blanchett, and April as Catherine Heigl.... now those are all good ones! (Although I'm not sure how accurate that are)

So everyone go to MyHeritage.com and try your own pictures! It can be pretty funny! Let me know who you guys look like! :)


Whitney Killebrew said...

Haha Allison Hannigan!!! Nice try you got about as close I did to find someone. I told you I look like no one! I love love love the myheritage.com super good times!

Amy said...

All I have to say is if I want to look like Jennifer Connelly, I'm going to have to put down the cookie dough! Thanks for the compliment..I was a little nervous!

Jen said...


That's who I think Tyler resembles sometimes! My mom really thinks Tyler looks like JC! That's def a compliment!

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