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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I watch for the commercials

Everyone knows today is the biggest day in American sports.... but for me? It's the pinnacle of American commercials! :)

That's right, friends. I don't care who plays, who wins, or who goes home crying. In fact, the only reason I do know who is in the Superbowl is because Kim Kardashian and Kendra from the Girls Next Door have their significant others playing on both teams. Sad and pathetic? Most definitely. But I have no shame.

Tyler cares even less than I do. He was more excited for the English soccer league games today (no surprise there). He's not planning on watching at all.

Me? I will be watching..... the commercials! As soon as that game comes back on, I'm switching it back to TLC. :)

I seriously L.O.V.E. the commercials though! They are always soooo funny! But my favorite commercial this year?? The commercial for Harry Potter World!

Yes yes yes! They will give a sneak peak preview to HP World in Universal Studios and I. Can't. Wait!!! :)

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~aj~ said...

I didn't even watch the commercials. I am SUCH a Superbowl slacker! :)

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