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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful, restful Sunday!

I'm very excited today, for more reasons than 1!

#1 - Today is the first day of snow!!! Since moving from NWA, I have missed the little bit of snow we seemed to get every year. But today is no disappointment! It's only been snowing for about 2 hours and already it's getting really slick outside! 1 inch of snow right now..... so let's hope it keeps it up --- I want a snow day tomorrow!  :)

#2 - Tyler and I found out that our very best friends are MOVING TO LITTLE ROCK!!!!! I cannot tell you how long we have been talking about this and it has finally come true! Josh and Natalie are both teachers, and Natalie has gotten a job at Camp Robinson, the Army base in North Little Rock. She starts NEXT MONDAY so as of this weekend, they will be residence of central Arkansas!

Josh is Tyler's best friend ever, and his best man at our wedding. I have loved becoming friends with Natalie and am BEYOND excited to be able to see them all the time!!

The only downside? I think we will have to convert our 2nd bedroom to a Man Cave / Gaming room...    :)

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