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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random thoughts of the day

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!  How's it going???

Today is basically my Monday, since I spent all of yesterday laying around in my pj's. I am definitely thankful for another short week, especially since I feel like we are all readjusting to life after the holidays. :)

I have nothing in particular to talk about, so here are 5 random thoughts for the day....

Over the Top
Merino Cool
1. These cute little beauties are the next polishes I want. According to my SIL Amanda, blacks and dark polishes are out. *SIGH* But those are my favorite!!! BUG! I think I'll still be sneaking by dark polishes... :) 

Although I am fairly loyal to the OPIs (mostly because of the cute names), I do have to branch out occasionally!

2. I am very very excited because the girls' Bible study I was a part of when I first moved down to LR is starting back up! I have seriously missed my friend, Erin, who organizes this group and even more excited to have an every-other-week girls night! Not sure exactly when we are starting... we are just now emailing but hopefully will get this party started in the next few weeks. Just in time for Natalie to join us! :)

3. My Christmas decorations are still up.... and I fully realize how sad this is!! Maybe this weekend? No, definitely this weekend...... I hope. 

4. I have a niece and a nephew that are both 4!!!! I CANNOT believe this! I have just decided that tomorrow will be a post about them... :)

5. I seriously LOVE reading blogs! I get so excited when I get home to read about all of my friends... (and stalk a few people. ha!) Even when I personally take a blogging hiatus, I still regularly read my friends' blogs... I love it!

That's all for tonight.... Have a great night everyone!

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