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Friday, August 29, 2014

Month Two

Oh Month 2, you were such a dream compared to Month 1. I don't really have big dramatic stories to share unlike the last few posts (not that I'm complaining!). I rather enjoyed a few weeks of "boring!" 

So for this update, I thought I would update through pictures. 

Week 4-5 is when he started to become extremely alert and responsive. His facial expressions really turned up a notch. 

This is may favorite expression of Silas'. His poop face! Ha! Can you tell he's really trying his hardest?

Another play date with John! John -10 weeks, Silas - 5 weeks

We spent a lot of time in our pj's this month. A typical day for us was to wake up around 8-9 am (after waking up like 4 times during the night.... We needed the extra sleep!), eat and read books, play with the dogs a bit, nap, repeat. Sometimes I would even try to sneak a nap with him in the afternoon. ;)

Silas got a good ol' case of baby acne. Why does that bother us moms so much?? So silly and vain. But man, it drove me nuts!

Silas really started to thin out up top! Ha! He kept his Mohawk going strong, but really lost a lot of hair on the sides. 

Mimi and papa came for a short visit on their way to a family reunion. Silas was just 6 weeks so we stayed home. But it was good to see them! And fun for them to see how responsive he had become. 

This visit is when we discovered who Silas takes after. I am on the top left. Tyler, top right. When we saw my picture we both just laughed. It was kind of scary! We even showed several of my friends my baby picture without telling them anything -- they thought it was a picture of Silas! And freaked when I told them the truth. 

Silas really began crying much louder in month two. His cry at first was really not terribly upsetting in the beginning. But boy did he learn how to work that pout! 

The dogs became much more comfortable around Silas. Sabby loved to bring his toy and lay right next to Silas on his play mat. Sometimes he will even lay at Silas' feet but quickly learns that's the "danger zone" as Silas loves to kick as hard as he can. 

Silas started outgrowing his newborn outfits. He still wasn't quite into 3 month clothes so we had to squeeze in to some things for a bit. :)

We really got into a good rhythm during the day, although I will say Silas has never been a great napper. Naps usually last 15-30 minutes and are pretty fitful. Around 7 weeks he finally started to nap without being swaddled. I felt this was huge progress since I knew he wouldn't be swaddled while at day care. (Can you tell this was one of those days we napped together?? :))

Silas watched his first ManU game! We got him all dressed up. And I just know he was excited as we were. ;)

Sorry for the boob shot, but I had to include this picture. He really began reaching for things (books, toys, etc). My favorite, though, is when he reaches for me! He would try to grab my face as I talked to him. He would grab my hair (ouch!) while holding him, or just reach out to touch me while nursing or napping in my arms. Best. Feeling. Ever. 

Silas began big boy baths (vs. sponge barhs) and loved it! He absolutely LOVES splashing in the water. 

We made our way to the library for their annual sale. We racked up!  Silas slept in the bjorn while I piled books in my bag. I consider that trip a great succes!

And finally, we were much more social in month two!

  Side note-- I feel like I owe so many people an apology for basically ignoring them for two months. Trust me, none of it was personal! The month before he was born, I didn't want to talk to anyone because I was sulking that I was still pregnant. I was having a major pity party, and everyone asking me about it only made it worse. Then the month after he was born.... Well, we've already established I was a hot mess, so we wot go there again. But basically I was in survival mode and didn't think I could spare a moment of energy on anyone who wasn't needing me to survive -- aka, anyone but Silas. 

Gran and Ms. Glenda came to visit a few times. It was so nice to spend the day with them! (The pups loved the extra attention too. ;))

My HU besties all came for some much needed QT. It was so good to see them and catch up! It had been much too long, ladies! 

Katherine, my dearest of friends, asked me to be in her wedding! I was so excited!!

Jennie, Abby and Megan all came for a short visit while they were all together for Megan's baby shower. It was SO wonderful to catch up!

Sorry for the terrible picture of a screenshot, but this was the best I could do. :) My favorite part of Month Two was going back to NWA for the weekend. Friday night I took Silas out to one of my favorite places on earth.... Green Valley! Even though we were only out there for a short time, getting to see some longtime friends (and their babies) was simply amazing. Like, good for the soul, amazing. 

Saturday morning Tyler, Silas and I all went to visit my grandmother Vi. I had not been able to see her in quite some time because of the pregnancy. It was SO wonderful to be able for Silas to meet his only living great-grandparent. We know Grandma's time is limited so I'm just beyond thankful for this time. 

Even though she didn't really understand what was going on, I know how happy she would have been to meet him. She is truly one special woman. 

This picture means everything to me. 4 generations!

Later that day I visited my friends Whitney and Cortney, and Josh and Natalie, followed by dinner with our parents and Tyler's aunt and uncle. Such a full day with so many people we love! Even though making the drive to NWA has become a BIT more difficult nowadays (hello, 2 dogs, 2 kennels PLUS all that comes with a baby!) I was so glad to make it home before going back to work. 

And to conclude, here is his monthly picture!

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