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Friday, May 28, 2010

Special Delivery! and our weekend plans :)

My life, as usual, has been faily uneventful. (Hence the lack of postage)

BUT this weekend Tyler and I have some VERY exciting plans! We will be spending the weekend at Lake Maumelle on our very own SAIL BOAT!

Random. I know.

But Tyler and I have spent a lot of time talking and looking and sailing and we fell in love! We found a great deal and just coulnd't pass it up! Tomorrow our very own boat will be delivered and we are planning on spending the whole rest of our marvelous weekend outside. Cleaning. Fixing up. Sailing. Eating. Cleaning. Church. Sleeping. Deep cleaning.

We haven't picked a name yet... but I'll keep you posted on that.

Here are a few pics!

I'm sure I'll have much more pictures and details after the weekend...

I hope all of you have a very safe and happy holiday weekend!!!!! :)


~aj~ said...

Okay you are living my dream right now! Normally I'd say that being a mom IS my dream life, but seeing as how I've been both peed and pooped on in the last hour, I'm going to go with my back-up dream life of sailing. :)

You guys have a great weekend!!!!

Jill said...

That is so exciting Hannah!! Congrats. That will be alot of fun. :)

Whitney said...

Oh my! That sounds like so much fun! I'm loving the boat for real! Y'all will have so much fun together! I have never been sailing, so I can't wait to come and visit so y'all can take me. Lol!

Sarah Carter said...

I am so excited to see pictures!!!!!

By the way I added your blog as a link to the one I just started.

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