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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random thoughts to keep you updated...

Well I think it's fairly safe to say that my life is pretty boring. And I am quite ok with that. The only problem with this?

No life = boring blog.

So here are the latest things going on my life (and just some random thoughts as I sit here blogging) :)

1. I recently remodeled.... you like?? :) I think I needed a makeover to get more in the blogging mood.

2. My family is going to Navarre Beach in..... um..... 4 1/2 WEEKS! Excited is an understatement. It has been 3 years since the fam has gone on vaca so this trip is long overdue.

Last time, this was our group.....

Looks like we will have an addition or two, eh?? Or maybe 3! :)

I'm so excited for Tyler to be a part of our family trip, B & H will be SO fun now that they are older, and GK and MK will be so stinkin cute in their little swimsuits! :)

3. I just found out my office "roommate" is moving home to Pennsylvania. :( Sekea and I share an office and keep each other quite entertained. At first, I wasn't sure about the whole sharing spaces concept, but that girl cracks. me. up. I will surely miss her!

4. If you would have seen me in the past 3 days, I would look something like this....

Not too cute, huh? Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling too cute, either. I feel like I am in a constant state of about-to-sneeze. With my nose running, eyes bugging, and throat scratching, I have been one. unhappy. camper. (Just ask Tyler, ha!)

5. Tyler is seriously contemplating buying one of these....
Don't worry, we aren't jumping at the first available sailboat. We are taking our time, in no hurry at all. We are just keeping our eyes open for a great deal. We have seen some pretty good deals so far, but not in our area. So maybe the next year or two (or 20) we may find our perfect little Sunfish Sailboat.

I mean, COME ON!!! How much fun would it be to hop on one of these for an afternoon! They really aren't very expensive and it would be SO FUN to learn how to sail! Oh... I'll just keep dreaming.....

5. Baby fever... I've got.

(I think my mom just peed a little when she read that! haha!!!)

Ok, let me rephrase. I am NOT ready to have a baby RIGHT NOW. NOPE. NOT EVEN CLOSE. So let's get that straight. What I am saying is that is seems everyone and their cousin Susy are having babies! And if they're not having babies, they're talking about it.

All that talk has me excited for when Tyler and I do decide to have babies. **Again, let me repeat... NOT ANYTIME SOON. (We're shooting for like.... 15 years :) )**

I'm just saying, I'm already praying for our babies to be healthy and happy. I'm already picking out names. And I'm already thinking about how great it will be to raise children with Tyler.

Thank goodness I have a 3-year, no-baby contract shoved up my arm.....

6. Rachel is getting MARRIED next week!!!!! I am SOOO excited for her! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL and everything will be perfect! EEK! Pictures to come!! :)

So that's all the randomness this girl can take for one night... maybe when I'm not constantly sneezing and sniffling I'll be a little bit more entertaining.... :)

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~aj~ said...

15 years...never gonna happen! I'm predicting 5 TOPS!

And girl, having a sailboat is one of my dreams. I've never sailed a day in my life, so I have no idea why, but I am in love with the idea of sailing. So don't be surprised if you see my stalking your boat someday. ;)

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