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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Women I Love

I am so thankful for the wonderful women I have my life! Not only do have an amazing mother, who selflessly gives to everyone around her, but I also have two wonderful, God-fearing grandmothers, an aunt that I consider to be a 2nd mother, and a mother-in-law that I absolutely LOVE! Seriously, God has blessed me beyond belief!!!!!!

First off, My Momma...
This woman is hilarious. And the best part is that she doesn't even mean to be! It's not her one-liners that crack me up (she's not really the one-liner/stand-up comedian type), it's just her entire personality.

For example.....
The Ware Family likes to play games. A. Lot. We play pretty much every game you can think of. One night we played Guessture (basically charades and hot-potato mixed together) and it was Mom's turn. Halfway through her turn, she runs out of the living room and completely disappears for a good 10 seconds. And the clock keeps ticking. Everyone on her team was stressing, trying figure out where she would go and why she would leave in the middle of her turn! Well Mom comes charging around the corner, holding up a bag of carrots and shaking them profusely!!! ***In case you didn't catch it, Mom's word was "carrots" and instead of trying to act them out, she just decided to race into the kitchen and grab a bag from the fridge.*** WHO DOES THAT?!?!? haha!!!! Well, my mother does! :)

My Mom is so giving to everyone around her. I think the fact that she works for hospice explains that perfectly.... Not a lot of people can get over their own themselves or their own problems and really help others during a time that is so painful. But she can. I know she has been a blessing to so many people and touched so many lives through her work. But she doesn't just leave that attitude at work-- she carries that spirit of compassion to everyone she meets.
My momma love her family (ok, well what wonderful mom doesn't). But my mom is truly the glue that binds us all together. She can't get enough time with her grandbabies and absolutely LOVES when we can all get together. I love getting to go home now, because I know how excited she gets, and I know she actually wants me there (unlike a few time when I was a teenager, I'm sure ha!!!)

If you want the worlds best shopping buddy... this is your girl. You want to play games? You have a partner. You want to ride the biggest roller coaster? Go to the movies? Eat chocolate till you explode? You are looking at your partner in crime.

I love how much she loves coffee, the way her head perks up when she really belly-laughs, her dancing when she gets really excited, and the way she always sings "Happy Birthday to you, You belong in the zoo" to me on my birthday! :)

I catch myself sometimes doing things I know I got from my Mom. I can't help but laugh at these moments, because I know all those funny things that she does is carrying on to me. I only hope I can be the life of the family to my family one day, like she is to ours. :) I love you Mommy!!!

Next up, my Grandma and Memaw....

Wow these two ladies are so inspiring. They have lived their entire lives serving others, giving selflessy and looking to get nothing in return.

My memaw has spent the better part of her life volunteering at the hospital, nursing home and countless church activities. This woman can NOT sit still. :) She still gets out at least 3-4 times a week to orchestrate some activity at church or spend time at the nursing home. She is the leading lady for her church's "No spouse in the house" group. I wish I could be a fly in that gym when they all get together, because I just know she is walking around making sure everyone is doing what their supposed to be doing. She is definitely an organizer (hmmm, wonder where I get that? ha!).

She is a talented artist. She quilts, sews, paints and crafts with the best of them. (Again, wonder where I get my craftyness from?)

She is a strong, no nonsense woman that has so much pride in her family. She continues to give to everyone around her.

My Grandma is so similar in many ways. Grandma taught me to sew (not that I remember much of it now) and made so many of my cute smocked dresses growing up. She continued her sewing up until recently and made the cutest burp cloths for practically every child under the age of 2 in our church.

Grandma started our church's World Bible School program. She took on hundreds of students from all across the world, sharing God's message with each of them through mailing Bible courses back and forth. There is no telling how many people became Christians because of her!

Both women have read their Bibles from start to finish countless times. They are encouragers, selfless and love their families more than anything on this earth.... although I'd have to say crossword puzzles would come in a strong 2nd place. :)

Oh Annie, Annie, Annie....

I think if there is anyone on this earth (besides my momma) that truly understand me, it's you. Maybe that's because we are so much alike? Ya... that's probably got a lot to do with it.

Some people may call it no-nonsense, others may call it straightforward. But that honesty is something I know I got straight from you. :)

My years at Harding were blessed because I had you there. You and your endless supply of Nutella Crescent Rolls kept my heart and stomach happy. Plus, you always made sure I had clean underwear! ha!!!

You are my biggest chearleader! You never told me how you thought I should live my life, you just let me live it, and love me through everything.

And last but definitely not least, my Mother-in-Law, JoAnne....

I don't know why God decided I should be the lucky girl to get to be a part of the Herriman family, but for some reason He picked me!

Of course I love the entire family beyond words... but this post is all about JoAnne :)

I have some friends that didn't get so lucky in the MIL department. I have heard horror stories.... straight out of this movie...

Although this trailer is stinkin hilarious, I can't imagine feeling like my relationship with my MIL was "kill or be killed." ha!

I have had so many friends ask me "Is she really that nice?" And I LOVE being able to look them in the eye and say "She is so much better!" :)

She is the most positive person I know. She is always smiling, always encouraging, always upbeat. I know I will be uplifted after spending a little bit of time with her. She is a great listener. I always know that she is ready to listen to whatever is going on in mine and Tyler's life, big or small.

JoAnne is the best mom. Ever. Tyler and I talk about it all the time! She always gave Tyler and Rachel the freedom to live independent lives, but gave them boundaries when it mattered. Tyler and Rachel are both hard-workers and very independent and I know a lot is due to JoAnne. She is such an encourager. And she gives us support and will do anything to help, but also wants us to go and experience things for ourselves. I love that! Joe and JoAnne have really instilled a sense of adventure in Tyler and Rachel.

I am so incredibly thankful to have a MIL that I respect, admire and love as much as I do! Her compassion and serving attitude are such an example, and I pray I can be a mother like her!

So here is a special post to all the women in my life, both my real mother and "other mothers" who mean so much to me! I love so much and am so incredibly thankful for you!


Amy said...

Such a beautiful post. I share the sentiment of a wonderful MIL. Your mom is the best! I loved what you had to say about Annie. She doesn't get the praise that she deserves. I think your description of her was perfect. Annie, if you are reading this I am so thankful for you too!

Amy said...

Oh and not to leave out the grandmothers! Your family is one to be so proud of!

Anonymous said...

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