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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas cheer down to my fingers and toes...

Hey everybody! Today was a very productive day. I am about 99% finished with all my Christmas shopping! Whew.... I don't know why I always wait to the last minute, but I am glad to say that I actually have a few days left to spare.

Tomorrow, Tyler and I are packing up and heading to good ol' NWA. SOOO excited to spend an extra-long weekend with the fams! Thursday night, both mine and Tyler's family will be together for a very special evening... can't wait to share pics!  :)

SO... in true holiday preparation, I just had to get my nails ready! ha!

My winter nail colors are typically dark purples, blues or greys. I'm definitely NOT a pink / red girl. BUT, being in the true festive spirit, I busted out the SPARKLES... and RED!

"A Ruby for Rudolph" is my favorite holiday shade! It's just the right amount of sparkle and a fun red with a pinkish hue. 

You like??

I will be sure and post pics after our very special night on Thursday. I seriously can NOT wait! AAAH!

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