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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010!

Hi All! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know it is always such a blessing to be able to spend good, quality time with the family, and this time was no exception! :)

My New Year's Resolution is to take more pictures, especially with the family, so I got started a little early with Christmas. I still am in a habit of taking pics on my Dad's camera which leaves me with no pictures of my own, so I only have a few pictures from my own camera. But it's still improvement, right? Here are some of my pics from this weekend!

 My Mom had the great idea of taking our family on the "Polar Express" in Springdale. It was SO FUN!

The kiddos got dressed up in their pj's (compliments of my Mom) and off we went. The train ride included dinner, cookies and even a special visit from Santa. The kids LOVED IT! Can't you tell by the smiles on their faces??

 Mallory and Georgia Kelley were as cute as ever in their pj's! Even though they didn't really understand what was going on, and the fact that they are both deathly afraid of Santa, I still think they enjoyed the evening. :)

 Come on, this pic is JUST. TOO. CUTE!

Mallory enjoyed the blinking Rudolph nose that Amanda brought. She definitely got a kick out of it!

Harry and Brooklyn watching the lights as we passed through town. I seriously think they were expecting us to round the corner and end up at the North Pole to meet reindeer and elves. ha!

Tyler had a great Christmas, too! He got head-to-toe Manchester United gear. He even asked if he could wear his new jersey to church on Sunday! haha! (It was a definite no, in case you were wondering)

I swear, this boy refuses to take a normal picture!

Tyler and I wearing our newest outfits! I loved my new pj's from Rachel and Josh!

Christmas with Tyler's family is always so great! I just wish I would have gotten some pictures. Bug! This is why I have my New Year's Resolution.

Tyler's mom has made all of the stockings for the entire family. Last year, she surprised me with my own stocking, making me an official part of the Herriman family. :) This year, Josh got his own stocking too!

We woke up, had a great breakfast and wonderful relaxing morning, opening up presents and enjoying time with each other. I tell you what, I am absolutely blessed to be a part of this family!

Then we headed over to my parent's house for Christmas with the Wares. We had a yummy breakfast (#2 for Tyler and I) and opened presents. I do have to say, with 4 little ones, this year was all about the kiddos - which was perfect! I think Harry and B like to open presents almost as much as they like the actual gift. ha! (I even caught B helping Grandma open all of her gifts)

This picture is of Harry opening his marshmallow guns from Tyler and I.

Mom had gotten Mallory and Brooklyn cute little outfits, but I'm not so sure B enjoyed the hat. (But maybe that's because Scott squeezed her head into the 18 month-size hat. ha!) Poor thing, I think her head was about to pop!

Jo Anne had spotted a special cape from Cracker Barrel and thought Harry would love it.... and he certainly did! Here he is, so excited for his Spiderman / Batman cape!

GK and Mallory got into one of the bags of marshmallows and certainly had some fun.... can you see the big pile on the floor? ;)

Mallory LOVES wearing hats! As soon as she put this hat on, Mallory was strutting around the house, smiling at everyone. It was so funny!

The next morning (Christmas morning) Tyler and I were able to stay at Scott and Amy's to see Brooklyn see all her presents from Santa. This age is so great because Harry and Brooklyn understand Santa and truly believe in him! B was SO excited the night before, she couldn't wait to go to bed so that Santa would come that much sooner.

Here she is opening up some of her presents from her parents. 

Her favorite toy was definitely her Pillow Pet, curtosy of Santa. She would not put it down all day.

That night, Amy, Mom, B and I went to see Tangled. It was SUCH a good movie! I even cried! ha!

It was a great end to Christmas day!

The next day, Mom, Jo Anne and I went out shopping, getting some great deals. Oh, I LOVE day-after-Christmas shopping! :)

Tyler and I just made it back to LR last night, and are enjoying one more day off from work together. Definitely a lazy day today, but a great end to a wonderful Christmas holiday!

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