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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back for Reals this time

Hey all, Well I guess I finally got tired of reading all of your blogs without contributing anything of my own. :)

I. Am. Back..... like, for reals this time.

An update on my life? Work. :/

Boy, I really thought things would have calmed down after October, but that hasn't necessarily been the case. Granted, I have cut down my hours from 60+ hours a week to a mere 50 or so, but seriously....

I'm hanging in there, but am beginning to feel more and more resistant to continue to pour my life into my job. I even have called the Mom a few times and my dear, and always painfully honest friend Cortney during my times of weakness. I am definitely sticking with it through April, which is our BIG BIG event. At that point, I may be re-evaluating things....

But work is boring. What else is new?

Here are some things I've been doing lately....

1. Dexter!!

This show is blowing my mind! I know it is pathetic, but I seriously made my way through 2 entire seasons in one weekend. ha! Tyler and I just couldn't stop watching!

2. Re-reading Harry Potter series.... for like the 1,000th time!

Again, maybe pathetic, but I have not read these books like over 5 years so I have forgotten a lot of the details. I'm only finishing up book 2 right now, but plan to make my way through the series throughout the next year and then finish the 7th just in time for the last movie. This girl has got a plan! :)

3. Going HOME! During the past few months, I haven't had too many chances to spend at home, so I have been SOOOO incredibly thankful for family time. I have MISSED the kiddos like crazy, so this past weekend was AWESOME! :)

Tomorrow (believe it or not) is Harry's FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!! Oh my, I just can't believe it! I seriously remember the day he was born perfectly. And now it's already 4 years later? Craziness!!!

So this past weekend, Tyler and I made our way home to celebrate Harry's birthday. We even had a chance to play with the kiddos at Chuck-E-Cheese for a bit. It was so great because we went early on Friday and we basically had the entire place to ourselves. So fun!

(I realized that I never have ANY pictures... this definitely going to be part of my New Year's Resolution! So I stole these pictures from Amanda. :) )

I am REALLY looking forward to time with both families this next week. And promise to have pictures! :)

Now I just need to finish my Christmas shopping..... bug!

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Ashley E. said...

Ok I've got to start watching Dexter!! I've heard so many people talking about how good it is!

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