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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gosh I'm lame!

Ok, so this is kind of ridiculous how long it's been since I've blogged! I've totally been Mrs. MIA Bloggy McBloggerston... eesh. I am SO LAME!

So what have I been up to? Well nothing really... OK OK I won't say nothing--- this little lady has a JOB! :) (huge smile across my face)

To put it simply (very simply) I'm doing corporate event planning for American Case Management Association. It's an organization for Case Managers at hospitals, and I am helping with the conferences across the US. But don't you worry your pretty little head... I'm staying plenty busy! ha!

Other than that I have just been trying to still be a good housewife-- although I'm failing miserably-- and enjoy my time off. I guess I'm still getting used to the working schedule but I think I'm adjusting well. I really do think this job will be wonderful... SUCH a blessing and answered prayer!

In other news.... ummm... well??? Quite honestly, life is pretty boring right now. Is that a bad thing? Nope! Absolutely not! :) I guess Tyler and I are just enjoying relaxing together!

This weekend I was in my friend Sarah's wedding in Memphis! Let me tell you, it was SO FUN and SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures, but here are just a few...

The Happy Couple at Rehearsal Dinner!

So excited!!!!

Sarah with the House Party

The AMAZING bridal brunch on the wedding day... DE-LISH!

Sarah finally able to find her way through her dress... haha!


Tyler and I at the Reception... seriously the prettiest wedding I've ever been to!

I wish my life was a little more exciting... well, maybe just so I would have more to BLOG about :), but I'm thankful that things are pretty calm for now... and I guess enjoying being a little lame. :)

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