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Monday, March 22, 2010

These are TWO of my favorite things....

I've seen some girls post their Top Two Things that they simply can not live without! Well... I'd say mine are pretty obvious (well, at least one of them is!)

Item number ONE:

Do I really even have to explain this one???? I think not.

Item Number TWO:

My tempurpedic pillow!!!! Tyler parents got this for me for my birthday last year and I. Am. In. Love!!!! For me, it is the perfect amount of hardness / squishiness.

Maybe some people think that spending that much money on a pillow is absolutely ludicrous. And it is! But this girl loves her sleep (just ask Tyler, haha!). I literally get excited about going to sleep every night. Yes, I am serious! And every morning is a serious struggle...and this fancy shmancy pillow sure doesn't help with that!

I'm telling you... if I had the absolute WORST day of my LIFE and I could only pick two things (objects, no people included) to make me feel better, it would be these two things.

My mom always told me that when she died, she knew that God would have a HUGE Snickers bar waiting for her. Well for me, I think He will have my pillow and Dr. Pepper. :)


cortney mae said...

I am a true believer of this post..
i was there to witness the demise of hannah when she realized she left her pillow in memphis.. I though we was going to cry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, check out my blog to see the bloggy award that I gave you. I love your post, they are so entertaining. Thanks for sharing your life.

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