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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"That's what middle names are for..."

I've been seeing quite a few fellow bloggers out there share their favorite baby names and thought that this was a perfect topic for me!

You see... I not only have 1 or 2 favorites... I have like 30.

I just absolutely LOVE thinking of cute names for the cute little Tylers and Hannahs that will be running around (like in 15 years :) haha!)

Before we begin I should warn you that I like old, weird, different, unusual names that you probably haven't heard since 1842. Hate them though you may... I just LOVE old fashioned names. I think I warmed up to this style through my SIL Amanda... Harry and Georgia Kelley? Shut up, those are cute names!!!! :) And I'm also a big, BIG fan of family names...

So let's get down to business, shall we?
*Note: these are listed in order of names I like from least to most :)

I'll start with boys, because I don't have as many. (And let's face it, they're just not as much fun as little girl names)

-Ephraim (One of the 12 tribes / sons of Jacob. And probably the weirdest of the bunch)

And my personal FAVORITE...... Henry!!!

Now for girls: (you may want to grab a seat, this could take a while...)
-Madeline (although this one is off limits! It is Tyler's grandmother's name, and I know that Rachel has loved that name forever :) So it is undoubtedly hers)
-Claire or Claira (Claira being a family name, great aunt)
-Lilly (family name, great aunt)
-Ruby (family name, great aunt that I LOVE! She is like 98 and still spunky!)

-Gloria (My memaw and Annie's name, on of my FAVORITES!!! I just love Gloria Ann)
-Lucy... no family connection I just adore this name. I mean, can't you just picture a cute little curly-headed ginger-kid wearing a cute smocked dress? Of course you can...

And now my absolute FAVORITE!!!

I know some of you are gasping at this name right now!And may be a little appalled. hahaha And I'm ok with that! This is my Grandma Vi's full name and I adore it. Since my mom is an only child, there is no one else to carry on those names... so I want it to be the one to do it.

Now you are probably thinking "There is NO way on this earth that Tyler will let his child me named Viola!!!" And those people would be right! :)

His response when I told him my dream name????

"That's what middle names are for..."


Well, Tyler refuses to really discuss names with me since it will be 27 years before that's even on his radar, so for now these are all dreams.

But you can bet your sweet bee-hind that I will have a running list until that sweet day comes!!!!


aWare said...

i saw the blog title and knew this had to be about me...haha! Love all your names! Gloria is one of my favs to...you can have it! Lilly and Lucy...LOVE LOVE LOVE! Top favs too! I love all your names...shocker!

Anonymous said...

I love all the old fashioned names. You picked great ones!

Amy said...

You know my deep love for Claire. I think Claire Viola would be perfect! :) They are all so cute, I LOVE LUCY! :) Gotta be honest, glad Ephraim is at the bottom of the list!

Christy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment to day on my post!

I too, share in your love of old fashioned names. So much so that we have even named our 3 dogs some of my favorites (and yours too!)... Lily, Henry and Anabelle.

You have a GREAT list of names and what makes them even more special is how they are family names.

Have a great day!

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